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Anne of Green Gables
Fan Fiction

All Characters are the property of LM Montgomery and her heirs and Sullivan Entertainment.  These are for entertainment purpose only. Others may have their own opinions as to how these fan fiction stories should take place.  If you have a better idea we would like to read about them.


Matthew is Dead

By Steffi
See also: www.anne-fans.de

Matthew was dead! Anne lived through the last three days as in trance. This all seem to her so unreal. When she came into the kitchen in the morning, she expects to see Matthew sitting on the table, in his overall and wish her smiling and `good morning`. But then she realizes Matthew was not there. He will never be here. She would never see his smile. She felt an awful empty in her heart. It seem that everyone pull out a part of her heart. And she didn't know how should this gape sore heal. The burial, all the people, who offer her condolences, past to Anne hazy.

Marilla had she hold in her arms last night, if her tears doesn't want ending. Anne wished she could cry wider. But Marilla needed her help. Anne and Marilla do still her homework.

In the afternoon Mrs. Lynde came to Green Gables, to try Marilla to maintain. She talked about the women committee, policy and the usual gossip in Avonlea. Anne couldn't bear it. Finally Matthew was dead. The world was broken over her. And it was cruel to see, that the world was go on. Even so, as Matthew Cuthbert was never there. Anne couldn't bear this.

"Marilla, can I go for a walk?"

Marilla look loving at her. She knew, Anne don't like Mrs. Lynde`s chattering in the moment.

"Of course! Do you want go to Diana? You two can talk about something," Marilla said.

"No, Marilla, I want only make a walk. I'll be back soon."

She Hugh her and go.

It was a lovely summer day. For a moment Anne forget her grief. She enjoyed the air and the nature from Prince Edward Island.

Than she thought, how much Matthew loved this spot on the world. No! He had loved, flashed through one's her mind. There was it again, this awful pain. The tears burned in her eyes. She sat on a trunk near the `Lake of shining water`. She looked to the lake and her tears wet her face.

Gilbert walked cheerful up to the way from the lake. He came from fishing and he caught two great trout's. His mother would be glad, because she loves trout. He came out from a small by-way.

Suddenly he stopped. He saw Anne sitting on a trunk not far away from him. She looked to the lake. Gilbert considers if he should go back to the way. At this moment Anne turned her head. Her cheeks were wet from the tears. This look hurt him. It was painful for him to see that the girl, which he secret loves a long time, had grief. Anne frightened as she saw Gilbert. Hasty she wipes the tears from her face.

"Hallo, Anne" Gilbert said embarrassed. "A beautiful day, isn't it?"

He tries to start a banal talk.

Yes, a very beautiful day" replied Anne. Instant there was silence between the two. "Thank you for your condolence at the burial, Gilbert. Say this to your parents, too." Anne said.

"I didn't know Matthew very much. But I think he was a very nice person." Gilbert said low.

Anne nodded.

"He was a very precious," she whispered. "He was to me as a father an he was the first who had really loved me."

She looked to the lake and tries to suppress the tears.

"Many people like you, Anne. Also sometimes they call you Carrot. " He added.

Anne was startled. He said, that he like her. And he had really said Carrot again.

Confused she looked up to him. Than she saw a roguish look in his eyes. Suddenly she smiles, too.

"You are only not afraid, because I haven't a slate here. But I warn you, Gilbert Blythe, I can show fight otherwise, too."

"I believe that, Carrot."

Now the two laughed.

"Will we bury the old hatchet, now?" Gilbert asked and he joins his hand to her.

Anne takes the hand and nodded.

"Will we be friends now?" he asked eagerly.

Anne laughed again and nodded agreeable.

At the evening Anne was sitting on her window in the east gable. The live will be going on and Matthew would be live on in her mind.

Anne thought that she had found a new friend today.



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