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All Characters are the property of LM Montgomery and her heirs and Sullivan Entertainment.  These are for entertainment purpose only. Others may have their own opinions as to how these fan fiction stories should take place.  If you have a better idea we would like to read about them.

Friendship, Courtship, and Love

By Alli

“So, Diana, who is this girl who’s come to live in Avonlea with the Cuthbert’s”, asked a curious Ruby Gillis as they walked leisurely to the Pye home, where a church picnic was being held. 

Diana flipped her brown, curly hair down her back, “Anne Shirley is her name. The Cuthbert’s adopted her in Carmody a few years ago. You’ll adore her Ruby! She’s just the sweetest thing!”

Ruby sighed, “Well, if you say so, Diana.  You’ve known her for a year, right?”

Diana laughed, “We met last summer and vowed to write each other all the time. Now, remember to be nice.”

They walked onto the decorated lawn, it was a typical Pye scene, where everyone in Avonlea was bustling around and talking merrily. Diana looked through the crowd of finely dressed people and spotted Anne. She was wearing a beautiful white dress made out a soft, flowing material. It fit her nicely at the torso and slightly flowed out fashionably from the waist down. Her hair was pinned up in a simple bun and she had an equally beautiful hat resting on her head that matched her dress. Diana smiled and excused herself from Ruby’s presence and hurried over to her friend. She tapped her on the shoulder, “Hello Anne! Oh, you look simply wonderful.”

Anne turned and gave Diana a nervous smile, “I feel like I’m going to burst! What if your friends don’t like me?”

Diana waved her comment away, “Oh pssh! They’ll adore you.”

Marilla walked up behind Anne and said, “ Remember, act like a young lady, you are 17 now. Go have a nice time and mind you don’t get that dress dirty. Matthew spent a pretty penny on that thing!”

Anne nodded and followed Diana over to the group of young people. Diana raised her voice and pushed Anne into the crowd, “Everyone, this is Anne Shirley. Anne, meet Jane Andrews, Ruby Gillis, Fred Wright, Charlie Sloan, Moody Spurgen, Josie Pye, and Gilbert Blythe.” Anne studied Gilbert for a moment, “Did you win the gold medal at Queen’s?” Gilbert nodded in surprise, “Yes, and you won the Avery.” Anne nodded and turned back to Diana and the girls Gilbert grinned and examined this new girl. She had a slim, but well rounded figure, fair skin, gorgeous gray-green eyes, and that hair! Gilbert cleared his throat, “Anne, is it?” Anne turned back around and nodded, “It is.” Gilbert boldly took her hand and bent over it with a sparkle in his eyes, “I’m pleased to meet you.” All the boys stood behind Gilbert and chuckled with amusement. Anne raised one eyebrow, “Yes, I’m sure.” Gilbert flashed her a smile, “Well, since you are new to Avonlea, you probably don’t know your way around. I would be delighted to take you on a tour.” Anne heard Diana, Ruby, and Jane giggle behind her. She struggled for her composer and it wasn’t helping that her hand was practically burning in his, “Um, thank you, Gilbert. You are right; I don’t know my way around too well but-“ Gilbert quickly cut her off, “It’s settled then. I’ll come by Green Gables tomorrow around 10 o’clock.” Anne was absolutely baffled, “Alright.” Gilbert nodded and slowly dropped her hand, “Come on boys, the race is about to start.” The he began to walk away, but then he turned around and winked at Anne. Ruby gasped, “Oh, Gilbert is dead gone on you!” Diana smiled, “Gilbert is deviously handsome isn’t he. He’s 19 and every girl in Avonlea goes weak in the knees when he comes around. Anne shook her head, “Your Gilbert is handsome, but awfully bold,” they all laughed when Anne turned around and watched him walk towards the starting line. “Awfully bold indeed,” Anne murmered quietly. Diana laughed even louder, and said, “Oh, Anne, come on. Let’s go get some punch.”

~*~*~*~*~ “

And this is called the Avenue, “ explained Gilbert as he and Anne walked through the pathway that was filled with trees adorned with white blossoms. Anne looked at the beautiful site in awe, “This absolutely breath taking.” “You’re breath taking,” said Gilbert to himself, but what came out of his mouth was, “ It’s one of Avonlea’s many hidden charms.” Anne smiled, “Indeed it is. Gilbert, may I ask you a question?” Gilbert turned his head and looked at her, “Of course.” Anne looked down the path and tried to think of a way to speak what was on her mind, “Why did you ask me to go with you today?” A lopsided grin slowly appeared on his face, “Well, I certainly couldn’t have asked to just see you again with everyone standing there.” Anne stopped dead in her tracks and stared at Gilbert, “You wanted to see me again?” Gilbert chuckled in disbelief, “Yes, I wanted to see you again.” All to quickly, Anne’s eyes narrowed in anger, “Well of all things!” She picked up her pace and started to walk away. Gilbert watched her stomp off in confusion, “Hey, wait a minute Anne!” She didn’t stop, but he quickly caught up with her, “What on earth did I do? I thought we were having a nice time.” Anne fumed, “I was, until you said you wanted to see me again!” Gilbert didn’t know whether to laugh or not, so he just stood there with a solemn face, “That’s why you’re angry with me; because I wanted to see you again?” Anne nodded, “Exactly! You, Mr. Blythe, are another girl’s beau!” Gilbert chuckled, “Who told you that?” Anne looked at him in shock, “Josie Pye, of course! She told me that you have practically spoken for her.” This was too much! Gilbert had to laugh, “Josie Pye! I assure you have never called on her! There’s one thing you have to know about the Pye’s; they lie. It’s as simple as that. But, I promise you, I am not Josie’s beau.” Anne’s face began to flush with embarrassment, “Oh, I am completely mortified! I am so sorry for speaking to you in that manner.” Gilbert smiled at her fondly and shrugged, “It’s alright.” Anne laughed softly, “Again, I am so sorry.” Gilbert laughed with her, “Again, it’s alright.” They began to walk back to Green Gables and Gilbert had a terrible urge to take her hand, but he shoved his own in his pocket to prevent him from doing so, “Well, at least I did get to see you again. And, I intend to come by quite often.” A soft blush began to creep upon Anne’s cheeks, and Gilbert smiled, “Do you not want me to call on you, Miss Shirley?” Anne smiled bashfully, “We’ll see.” “Anne, may I come in,” Marilla asked from behind the door of Anne’s room. Anne opened the door and smiled, “Isn’t it a glorious morning, Marilla?” The older woman smiled and walked into the bedroom, “Gilbert Blythe has been coming around quite a bit these past few weeks.” Anne turned her eyes from Marilla and smoothed out the wrinkles in her quilt, “He’s just being friendly.” Marilla raised her eyebrows, “Yes, but I can’t say ‘friendly’ was the word I was thinking of.” Anne slowly met the other woman’s eyes and flopped down in her chair dramatically, “Oh Marilla, I don’t know what to do, or think! Every time he comes around I get these, these little butterflies in my stomach.” Marilla smiled and allowed Anne to continue, “He isn’t anything like my ideals, though. He’s certainly not melancholy, but he is quite handsome,” she giggled, “At least he’s not a missionary!” Marilla laughed, “He’s a lot like his father, you know.” Anne sat up, “Did you have a tragic love affair with Mr. Blythe?” Marilla rolled her eyes, “It wasn’t a ‘love affair’, Anne.” Anne rested her chin on the palm of her hand, “Did he propose to you?” Marilla smoothed out her apron, “Yes.” Anne gasped, “Marilla Cuthbert, you never told me about your former beau!” Marilla sniffed, “Anne, we quarreled and I broke off the engagement. It was as simple as that.” Anne frowned, “Well, I suppose I’m glad you did.” Marilla looked at Anne in surprise, “What in heaven’s name do you mean by that, Anne Shirley!” Anne sighed, “Because if you had married Mr.. Blythe, well, Gilbert would have been like my---brother!” Marilla shook her head, “Child, you haven’t changed a bit. But, a small word of advice.” Anne nodded, “I would take it.” Marilla patted Anne’s smooth hand, “Gilbert Blythe may be your true ideals, and you just don’t realize it.” Anne looked thoughtfully for a few minutes and then Marilla continued, “Besides, if you get all giddy and nervous when he’s around, I ‘d say he has definite possibilities.” Anne laughed, “Marilla, I don’t think we’re to that point yet. I’m just happy being good friends.” Marilla looked at her in disbelief, “Whatever you say, child.” Anne sighed and kissed Marilla’s cheek, “I’m going to see Diana today. I’ll be back before lunch.”


Anne and Diana decided to take a trip to the shoreline one lovely summer afternoon. They settled down in the sand and Diana asked, “Tell me, what’s it like to have Gilbert Blythe as your beau?” Anne’s eyes grew large with surprise, “For heavens sake Diana, Gilbert is not my beau! He’s--“ Diana giggled, “Your beau! He comes to Green Gables at least once a day.” Anne sighed, “I don’t know that we’re anything but good friends; honestly Diana.” Diana leaned back said with a smile; “Josie Pye is green with envy because Gilbert doesn’t know she even exists anymore. She scowls every time you walk by! I happen to think it’s delicious, don’t you?” “To have a person hate you,” Anne replied, “Not in the least!” Diana tilted her head to the side, “Has Gilbert asked you to the dance at the White Sands yet?” Anne groaned with exasperation, “I think I shall scream if you ask me another question about Gilbert! Wouldn’t it be irritating if all I asked you about was Fred?” Diana laughed and repeated as if she hadn’t even heard Anne, “Is Gilbert taking you the dance or not?” Anne growled, “As a matter of fact, he is! Are you pleased now?” Diana nodded and grinned, “Yes, I am. Thank you.”

~*~*~*~ The evening of the dance Gilbert came to pick Anne up around 7 o’clock. His father had allowed him to borrow the new buggy and Gilbert was dressed in his best suit. He parked his buggy in front of the white picket fence and hurried up to the door and knocked. Gilbert anxiously rocked on his feet as he waited for someone to answer. Finally, Marilla opened the door and smiled her greeting, “Hello Gilbert. Won’t you come in?” Gilbert nodded and returned her smile politely, “Thank you, Miss Cuthbert.” Marilla quickly bustled to the foot of the stares and called out, “Anne, Gilbert’s here!” Upstairs, Anne took one final look in the mirror and made sure everything was exactly as she wanted it and then walked out of her room. She paused at the top of the stares to smile at Gilbert and then, slowly glided down. Gilbert couldn’t help but stare. Anne looked stunning. She was wearing a beautiful shade of green that brought out the color of her eyes. The sleeves were short, and the neckline plunged slightly and around her neck she wore a well-loved string of pearls. Gilbert held out his hand and she gently took it, “Anne, you look amazing.” Anne smiled softly, “Thank you, Gilbert.” Marilla handed Anne her shawl and said, “Have a good time.” Anne nodded and walked outside with Gilbert. He helped her into the buggy and then climbed up next to her. So many things went through Anne’s mind as they drove down the rode, “Why does he always smile when he looks at me? Does that mean he wants something more than friendship? If he does, what do I do?” Anne sighed out loud and Gilbert looked at her and asked, “Is something wrong?” Anne shook her head, “No, not really.” Gilbert smiled, “Then, what’s ‘not really’ bothering you?” Anne debated inwardly if she should be truthful or not. She decided just to smile, “I’m fine; really I am.” Gilbert nodded and decided to make some small talk. “So, what are your plans when the summer’s up?” Anne sighed, “Well, I’m going to be the teacher at the Avonlea School.” Gilbert smiled, “Congratulations. I’m going to teach in Carmody.” Anne nodded, “That wonderful.” Again, there was silence. They both sat quietly and feeling rather uncomfortable all the way to the White Sands. When they pulled up to the hotel, Gilbert helped Anne down and offered her his arm, and she shyly took it. Music ran all through the hotel and the sound of laughter and chattering provided a nice melody to it all. As they walked into the ballroom, Anne whispered to Gilbert, “I have no idea who half of these people are.” Gilbert gently patted her hand and replied, “I know, but everyone will introduce himself or herself soon. Look, there’s Diana and the rest. Let’s go over there.” Anne nodded and allowed Gilbert to lead her over to the circle of people. Diana was wearing a becoming pink gown, Ruby wore blue, Jane chose a pale yellow, and Josie wore red. Diana smiled and chatted merrily while hanging on Fred Wright’s arm, “Oh Anne, you and I need to talk tomorrow. I have a good bit of gossip to tell.” Anne nodded and thought to herself, “It’s probably about Josie and that red dress. Mrs. Lynde probably had a heart attack when she came through the door. She told Marilla once, that young women who wore read were-“ “Would you like to dance, Anne, “Gilbert asked as he broke into her thoughts. Anne nodded and walked out onto the dance floor with Gilbert and began to waltz. Jane, Diana, and Ruby sat down at a table and watched as Anne and Gilbert glided across the floor. Jane sighed, “I’m terribly jealous. Even though Anne is a dear friend, I would love to be in her shoes.” Ruby nodded and titled her head, “Maybe it’s her hair. No one around Avonlea has that read of hair.” Diana frowned, “When we were in school, Gilbert called me a ‘crow head’, but I still think he’s handsome. But, Fred is a dear!” They all nodded and continued to watch Anne and Gilbert. One the dance floor, Gilbert looked into Anne’s eyes and said, “You remember what you said the other day about us being kindred spirits?” Anne nodded, “Yes, I do.” Gilbert lowered his voice, “I know you’re right now. Because I knew exactly what you were thinking when we walked up to Josie.” Anne laughed, “And just what was I thinking, Gilbert Blythe?” Gilbert smiled, “That Mrs. Lynde says that young women who were red are-“ “Gil, may I cut in,” interrupted Charlie Sloan. Gilbert reluctantly let go of Anne and allowed Charlie to dance with her. After the dance was over, Gilbert drove Anne back to Green Gables. He jumped out of the buggy and lifted her down. Anne smiled and brought hands back down to her side, “I had a lovely time, Gilbert.” He smiled wryly, “Gil, call me Gil.” Anne nodded, “Alright, Gil.” He sighed, “Well, thank you for coming with me.” Anne nodded and began to open the gate and then paused, “Will come by tomorrow?” Gilbert grinned, “Sure. I’ll see you tomorrow. Goodnight, Anne.” Anne smiled, “Goodnight, Gil.”


One day before school was to begin, Gilbert decided to take Anne out to Barry’s pond for a boat ride. As soon as Anne saw the pond, she squealed with delight, “Am I finally going to get to go on a boat ride?” Gilbert laughed, “I thought it would be a nice note to end the summer on.” When the buggy came to a halt, Anne didn’t wait for Gilbert to help her down, she just jumped down herself. Gilbert chuckled, “I suppose you’re excited.” Anne grabbed his arm and began to pull, “ Come on! I have always dreamed of floating along the lake of shining waters just like the lily maid. But, of course, I wouldn’t be dead.” Gilbert shook his head, “I still can’t believe you haven’t been in a row boat before. I know you’re going to love it.” And indeed she did. After several minutes, Anne leaned back and ran her fingers through the cool water. Gilbert looked at her and grinned, “Have you had fun this summer?” A smile began to grace Anne’s rosy face as she closed her eyes dreamily, “I have had a glorious summer, Gil. Thank you for making it so.” Then, Anne suddenly opened her eyes and frowned, “ We won’t see each other anymore, will we?” Gilbert shook his head, “Of course we will! I’m still going to live in Avonlea; I’ll just work in Carmody. I’ll make sure that we see each other. And, even when we’re working we’ll see each other. Avonlea and Carmody are always competing in some way,” he paused and observed Anne, ”Why are you still upset?” Anne sighed, “Because you’ll fall for some beautiful girl in Carmody with brown hair and violet eyes. After that, you’ll forget all about Anne Shirley.” Gilbert shook his head, “I could never forget about you, Anne,” then he looked down and said softly, “Besides, I’ve already fallen for a girl.” Anne’s eyebrows rose in surprise, “Who?” Gilbert chuckled, “You know her quite well.” Anne replied in an equally teasing tone, “Diana?” Gilbert smiled, “No, you.” Anne slowly lifted her eyes to meet his, and said quietly, “Really?” Gilbert nodded, “I wouldn’t do all this for just anybody.” Anne smiled and replied, “Well, Diana will be just thrilled when she finds out.” “What,” asked Gilbert. Anne replied in a matter-of-fact manner, “That you’re my beau.” Gilbert leaned forward and said, “In all honesty, I think I have been for a while.” Anne laughed, “Me too.”


The first week of school went by with out too many complications. The only terrible event was when Anthony Pye put in Minnie Mae’s hair. Anne had to talk to Mrs. Pye and that was quite the ordeal. Then, Saturday came and went and Anne had not seen Gilbert. When she woke up on Sunday morning and got ready for church, she decided that if Gilbert were there with his family, she would pay him any attention. She made sure she looked especially nice. The dress she chose was a soft, feminine lavender, with a slight bustle at the bottom. It was delicately trimmed with lace around the neckline and sleeves. She wore a matching hat and a golden locket that Matthew had given her for Christmas. On the back, he had ‘kindred spirits’ inscribed. Realizing the time, Anne quickly grabbed her gloves and headed down stairs, “I’m ready” Marilla observed Anne’s appearance and asked, “What’s the special occasion, Anne?” Anne shook her head, “There isn’t any. I just want to look nice, that’s all.” Marilla nodded silently, even though she wasn’t at all convinced. The Green Gable’s folk drove to church as they always did and joined in the conversation with everyone before the service began. As Anne talked with Diana and Ruby, she slightly glanced over to Gilbert. He caught her eye and flashed her a smile. Anne turned her head and pretended that she didn’t even notice him. Yet, that didn’t faze Gilbert. He walked up beside her and smiled, “Hello ladies. Anne, I was wondering if you’d like to take a walk down the lane after church?” Anne sighed. Why did he have to be so handsome! She began to twist her handkerchief nervously in her hands, “I don’t know, Gilbert.” Gilbert smiled pitifully, “Please.” Anne looked around to find some sort of escape, “Um—well, the service is about to begin,” and with that, she hurried to the Cuthbert pew and sat down. Matthew looked at Anne and smiled softly, “Are you alright?” Anne looked at him and replied softly, “Yes, of course.” The service was long, as usual. When Reverend Allen was finished with his sermon, the congregation stood and sang “How Great Thou Art”. As Anne sang, her eyes drifted to the Blythe pew. Gilbert was holding the hymnbook for his mother and singing softly. Anne’s heart softened and she thought to herself, “He must have a good reason for not coming to see me. I just can’t go around and get mad every time he gets busy.” The service ended and everyone began to mingle and leave. Anne waited by the door and when Gilbert came by she grabbed his arm and pulled him to her side, “I’m sorry for being short with you earlier. I can’t go for a walk down the lane, but would you care to join us for lunch? The Lyndes are coming as well.” Gilbert smiled, “I accept your apology and yes, I would love to join you for lunch.” When everyone sat down at the table, Rachel immediately began to talk, “Oh Marilla, you remember me telling you about Josie Pye wearing that awful red dress to the dance! Well, I talked to Muriel Pye herself and she wasn’t the least bit shocked! Imagine!” Marilla sighed, “Rachel, I have see you wear red on a number of occasions.” Rachel sighed with frustration, “But not just red Red with black, or with lace, but not just red alone,” she leaned closer to Marilla and said, “Young women who wear red suggest—well that they are ‘fallen women’.” Marilla rolled her eyes, “For heaven’s sake Rachel, that’ ridiculous!” Rachel shook her head, “Answer me this Marilla, when you see those floozies who flirt around those big cities, what color are they wearing?” Anne immediately burst out laughing. She put her hand over her mouth and giggled, “I’m so sorry! Just the thought of Josie-oh that’s terrible, but funny! Mrs. Lynde, I must protest and say in Josie’s defense that I think she was trying to stand out. That’s all.” Mrs. Lynde huffed, “Well, she most certainly did! I never in my day—“ “Rachel, eat,” exclaimed Thomas. Marilla looked at Anne and gave her a smile. Anne giggled softly and tried to eat her lunch with out laughing.


As the weeks passed, Anne and Gilbert began to grow even closer. In the eyes of Avonlea, they were an exclusive couple. One afternoon, in the Avonlea schoolhouse, Anne was wiping off the chalkboard and watching Anthony Pye write ‘I will not eat cookies during class’ 100 times, when she heard a knock on the door. Anne turned around and smiled, “Gil! What are you doing here?” Gilbert returned the smile and looked at Anthony, “Well, Mrs. Weis decided to let the children out early, so I just came home.” Anthony rolled his eyes and sighed, “Miss Shirley, ain’t I done yet?” Anne looked at home and replied, “Speak correctly and I just might answer you.” Anthony growled, “Miss Shirley, am I done yet?” Anne smiled with amusement, “Bring the paper up here.” He sighed with relief and walked up to Anne’s desk. Anne read the less than wonderful handwriting and sighed, “I suppose, but Anthony, I want you to write a 100 word essay on what it means to follow directions. It will be due the minute you walk in the door on Monday. Do you understand?” “Yeah,” he mumbled. Anne raised her eyebrows, “I beg your pardon?” Anthony rolled his eyes again, “Yes, ma’am.” Anne nodded, “And if you decide to bring cookies in the future, I would suggest you bring enough for everyone.” Anthony grabbed his things and hurried out the door. Gilbert laughed, “Well, aren’t you the strict school marm.” Anne sighed, “He’s done that at least five times!” Gilbert smiled, “Will you go for a walk with me?” Anne turned around and continued to clean the board, “Why would I want to go for a walk with you?” Gilbert walked up behind her and whispered in her ear, “Because I’m charming, not to mention quite handsome and you’re absolutely insane about me.” Anne’s cheeks burned and her heart began to beat wildly. She swiveled around and raised her eyes to his, “Well, I suppose I forgot.” Yet, Gilbert’s eyes were no longer teasing, but filled with a sense of something Anne didn’t recognize. Could it be love? He tenderly pushed back a fallen curl and said softly, “I think it’s about time I kiss you.” Anne swallowed nervously, “Then, what’s keeping you?” Gilbert tilted her chin and kissed her gently. Anne slowly wrapped her arms around his neck and allowed him to hold her closer. A few seconds later they heard, “Wait ‘til my mother hears about this!” The couple quickly pulled apart and saw Anthony standing there. Anne cleared her throat and asked lamely, “What are you doing here?” Anthony smirked, “I forgot my slate. You just wait! Once I tell my mother she’ll tell Mrs. Lynde, Mrs. Andrews, and Mrs. Barry, and you’ll be fired for sure!” Anne panicked, “Anthony, please don’t do this!” Anthony didn’t reply. He just turned around and ran out of the schoolhouse. Anne sunk into her chair and buried her head in her hands, “Of all the children, Anthony had to see us! He’s right; I’ll be fired for sure.” Gilbert crouched down eye level with her, “No, you won’t. I’ll go them and explain.” Anne shook her head, “No, you can’t! Gracious Providence, what am I going to do?” Gilbert sighed, “Why don’t we just go for a walk and we’ll figure something out.” Anne stood up and began to grab her books quickly, “I don’t think that would be a good idea.” She grabbed her coat and Gilbert looked at her with confused eyes, “Why not?” Anne buttoned up her coat and replied miserably, “Gilbert, maybe we should—maybe we should just slow things down for a little while, and not make so many appearances together.” Gilbert followed her out the door, “You’re not going to see me any more because a 10 year old boy threatened you?” Anne turned around and held her hands out helplessly, “I don’t want to, but right now, I don’t have much of a choice!” Gilbert slammed his hat on his head and nodded furiously, “Fine with me! There are plenty of girls around her that would love to fill your shoes!” Anne felt like he had punched her in the stomach, but she replied angrily, “Well, I’m sure you can be replaced just as easily!” Gilbert turned around, “Fine!” “Fine,” Anne turned away from him and moaned as she felt the tears stream down her cheeks. She quickly wiped them away and took a deep breath; she just needed to go home. ~*~*~*~ “Anne, Charlie’s here,” called Marilla from downstairs. Anne looked at her reflection in the mirror. She decided that she looked nice and that the dark blue of her dress was becoming on her, but she just couldn’t bring herself to smile. Sighing aloud, she mumbled to herself, “I can’t believe I agreed to go the Christmas ball with Charlie Sloan.” Well, she couldn’t turn back now. She would go out there with her chin held high and pretend that she was having fun. She took a deep breath and hurried downstairs.. Charlie smiled when she entered the hallway and looked at her with those awful google eyes, “You look terrific, Anne.” Anne smiled politely, “Thank you, Charlie. You’re too kind. I’ll be home later Marilla; goodbye Matthew.” Charlie acted out of character and offered Anne his arm as he escorted her into the ballroom. Anne felt everyone’s eyes on her when they walked into the room. As they chatted with Diana and Fred, Anne’s eyes drifted over to Gilbert, who was with Josie Pye, of all people! When Gilbert’s eyes locked with hers, Anne felt her stomach begin to do summer salts. Why did he always make her feel this way? Anne turned back to Charlie and said in a cheerful voice, “I just adore this song! Could we dance, Charlie?” Charlie nodded, “Sure! Am I on your card?” Anne opened it up, “Let’s see, Diana filled it out for me and yes-first dance!” Charlie took her hand and replied, “Then, by all means, let’s dance.” Diana smiled and called out, “Have fun.” As soon as Anne and Charlie were on the floor, Fred whispered, “Did you put Gilbert down for a dance?” Diana sighed dramatically, “Fred darling, sometimes I think you don’t know me at all. Now, ask me to dance.” Fred laughed, “Alright, Miss Barry, would you care to dance?” Diana nodded, “I would be delighted.” After three dances, Anne stood by the refreshment table and sipped on her drink. She enjoyed watching the different couples mingle and dance with each other. As she felt herself begin to sway with the music, she felt a tap on her shoulder, “I was informed that I was on your card for a dance.” Anne turned around and nearly chocked on her drink, “Gil! I mean-let me check—um yes, you are. But, we don’t have to dance.” Gilbert took the cup from her hand and set it on the table, “It’s just one dance Anne.” While they were on the dance floor, Anne felt uneasy and stiff with Gilbert being so close and his hand resting on her waist. Gilbert looked at her longingly. He didn’t mean the words that had been said all those weeks ago, but how did he tell her that now? The dance ended and they both clapped softly for the band. Then, Anne looked around the room as if she were a lost child and then said quietly, “I’m not feeling well. I have to go,” and then she quickly walked out of the room. Gilbert hurried after her and followed her outside, “Anne, Anne wait!” Anne turned around and sighed, “Don’t worry about me, Gilbert. Besides, won’t Josie be looking for you?” Gilbert grabbed her arm, “What about Charlie?” Anne laughed softly, “Oh, he’s busy wooing Ruby at the moment. He won’t even notice that I’m gone.” Gilbert looked up at the snow that was falling from the sky. Then, to the shivering Anne that was standing next to him. He took off his jacket and draped it on her shoulders, “It’s snowing and you’re in an evening gown.. Let me drive you home.” Anne looked down at her feet, “You don’t have to, Gilbert.” Gilbert smiled softly, “I want to. Besides, I wanted to apologize for my actions that day at the school house.” Anne slowly moved closer to him, “I should be apologizing. I over reacted; but,” she added slyly, “I hope you aren’t apologizing for the kiss.” Gilbert took her eagerly into his arms and whispered into her ear, “I’ll never be sorry for that.”


One cold day before Christmas, Anne sat on a stool in the barn and tried to milk an uneasy cow. She hated doing this necessary task, but Matthew was feeling a bit achy and she didn’t want him to have to come out into the cold. The cow mooed angrily and shifted on its feet. Anne growled, “Hold still you blessed cow. I don’t feel comfortable doing this either. It will be a bit more successful if you hold still!” Just then, Gilbert walked into the barn and leaned against the door and watched Anne with a lopsided grin on his face. Anne cried out angrily, “I shall never offer to do this again! No wonder people think cows are dumb!” Gilbert laughed out loud and approached her; “You’re doing it all wrong. Here, do it like this.” Gilbert quickly began to fill up the bucket and the cow stood still. Anne moaned, “Well, you are just a master milker.” Gilbert laughed and moved the full bucket aside, “Living on a farm, you have to be.” Anne stood up and sighed, “Well, thank you for coming to my rescue. I suppose you’re my knight in shinning armor for the time being.” Gilbert smiled and pulled a small package from his coat pocket, “I came to give you your Christmas present.” Anne’s eyes twinkled, “Gil, you didn’t have to.” Gilbert handed it to her, “I wanted to. Go ahead, open it.” Anne opened the delicately wrapped packed and then the small box. Then, she took out the paper and there was a small heart pendant, “Oh Gil, it’s lovely.” Gilbert took it from her and walked behind her to put it around her neck, “I wanted you to know, that you have my heart- always.” Anne turned to face him and hugged him gently, “Thank you, Gil.” Gilbert smiled and kissed her lightly, “Merry Christmas.” Anne put her cold hand to his cheek, “Merry Christmas, Gil.”


Much to Anne and the children’s dislike, school was to begin in three days. Anne felt like she had let the much-needed vacation slip away from her. So, she decided to do something by herself; she was going to go ice-skating. Anne grabbed her ice-skates and bundled up warmly and ventured out to Barry’s pond. When she got there, she was relieved to see that she was the only one around. She laced up her ice skates and took a deep breath, “Alright, here it goes.” And with one quick movement, she zoomed onto the ice. How did she stop? She couldn’t remember, so she just fell down with a thud. She stumbled back to her feet and began to slowly mover her feet back and forth, “I suppose I’m getting the hang of it. One foot in front of the other.” As she skated around the pond, the ice began to make troubling cracking sounds. Anne looked down, but was distracted when suddenly she heard someone calling her name. She lifted her head and in one swift moment, she fell through the ice. It was Gilbert who had called her. He had seen the crack creeping across the ice and was trying to warn her. As soon as she fell through the ice, he ran down the steep hill and carefully crawled onto the ice. Anne was fighting to keep her head above water and struggling to breathe. Gilbert held out his hand and yelled, “Anne, grab my hand!” Anne fumbled for his hand and Gilbert caught and slowly began to pull her from the water. Gilbert did his best to warm her, “It’s alright, Anne. I’ll get you home and warm.” He looked around desperately and saw Charlie driving down the road. Gilbert frantically waved his hand and yelled until Charlie stopped. When he saw Gilbert holding a shivering Anne, he jumped from his carriage and ran to him, “What happened?” Gilbert stood, holding Anne in his arms, “She fell through the ice. Can you drive us to Green Gables?” Charlie replied, “Of course! There are some blankets in the carriage. Try to warm her up.” As they drove quickly to Green Gables, Gilbert prayed silently that Anne would be all right.


Gilbert paced the floor of Green Gables with his head down and his hands behind his back. The doctor was in with Anne and only Matthew and Diana were in the parlor with him. Diana began to nervously twist her handkerchief, “I don’t what I would do if she—she’s my best friend.” Matthew patted her hand, “She’ll be fine; she has a fighting spirit.” Diana sniffed and nodded and watched Gilbert’s worry stricken face. She slowly stood up and said in a quiet voice, “You really, love her, don’t you?” Gilbert’s eyes shot to Diana’s face. He had never used the word “love” before. Was he really, truly in love with Anne? Was it no longer silly “puppy love”, as Mrs. Lynde called it? Gilbert’s thoughts were interrupted when Marilla and the doctor came down the stairs. Marilla sighed wearily, “She has a rather substantial fever. The doctor said we are going to have to keep her in bed for a good while. She’ll be very weak, but she’s going to be fine.” Gilbert closed his eyes and mumbled, “Thank God.” Marilla moved towards him, “You saved her life. I will be forever thankful to you for that. She’s asked to see you.” Gilbert nodded and swallowed hard, “May I go now?” She nodded and Gilbert hurried up the stairs and opened Anne’s door slowly. He saw that she looked somewhat flushed from her fever, but she’s was bundled up in bed. She smiled weakly and said in a hoarse voice, “I suppose I wasn’t very graceful out there.” Gilbert chuckled softly and moved to sit on the chair that was next to the bed, “You scared me to death, Anne Shirley.” Anne opened her hand and he clasped it, “You truly are my knight in shining armor, Gil.” He smiled and replied bashfully, “Well, I don’t know about that.” Suddenly, Anne’s eyes filled with tears, “Gil, I….” He began to feel alarmed, “What? Are you all right?” Several tears began to stream down her cheek, “I-I lost my pendant in the water.” Gilbert laughed and kissed her hand, “It’s alright. Don’t worry yourself over it.” She continued to cry, “But, I treasured that necklaces so, and now it’s gone.” Gilbert stroked the back of her hand with his thumb, “I’ll get you a new one, and no arguments. Rest now Anne; you need it.” Anne’s eyes began to fall heavily against her cheeks and she quickly fell asleep. It was at that moment, watching her sleep peacefully, that Gilbert realized how much he wanted to fall asleep with her in his arms at night; how much he wanted her to be the first thing he saw when he woke in the morning. He kissed her hand once more, and whispered to the sleeping Anne, “I love you.”


Gilbert put his hat one his head as he left the schoolhouse. There was still a bit of a chill in the air, so reached into his pocket for his gloves. Instead, he pulled out a velvet box. That box had been burning in his pocket now for at least three weeks. Gilbert sighed and put it back and put his gloves on. He quickly mounted his horse, and made his way to Avonlea. As the horse traveled the familiar path, Gilbert thought about so many different things: his future, a house, a career, and most of all, Anne. He had bought Anne an engagement ring two days after she had fallen into the ice. IT was prefect and it reminded him so much of her, that he purchased it right on the spot. Yet, there was one thing missing. He hadn’t proposed yet. Gilbert scolded himself, “Come on, how hard can it be? All I have to say is, “Anne, I love you and would you do me the honor of being my—my—Sure is cold out here.” Gilbert pulled his coat closer to him, and turned his horse to the path that lead to Green Gables. He was going to propose and that was that. As soon as the little house appeared, his heart jumped into his throat. He gave his horse a swift kick and galloped towards the house. When he reached the gate, he pulled the horse to a stop, dismounted, and tied it to the fence and quickly ran up the porch steps. He gave a knock on the door and waited for someone to answer. The he heard, “Is that you Gil?” Gilbert found his voice, “Yeah.” “Come on in, the door’s open.” Gilbert opened the door and shivered as the warmth of the house hit him. “I’m in the parlor,” called out Anne. Gilbert quickly walked into the room and smiled when he saw Anne sitting on the couch with a quilt draped across her legs, and a book in her hands. Gilbert cleared his throat, “You’re downstairs today.” Anne nodded, “I had to vow to Marilla that I wouldn’t get up for a second. She just went town and Matthew his out at Mr. Barry’s. I was getting rather lonely. I’m so glad you came.” Gilbert took off his coat and draped it on the chair, “Well, I couldn’t stay away.” Anne laughed, “I would have! It’s practically the north pole out there.” Gilbert smiled and shrugged, “You’re worth it.” Anne set the book aside, “Anything new to talk about since yesterday?” Gilbert swallowed hard and nodded, “Yes, there is.” Anne’s eyes lit up, “Really? What is it?” Gilbert grabbed his coat and reached for the box that was inside his picket and moved to Anne. She looked at him with curious eyes when he sat down on the floor, “What are you doing?” Gilbert smiled a nervous smile, “The first thing I need to tell you is that I love you.” Anne smiled softly, “You do?” Gilbert nodded, “I wasn’t very romantic. I’m sorry.” Anne laughed, “Well, we’ll have to work on that.” Gilbert then looked at her with pleading eyes, “Do you—do you love me?” Anne leaned forward and took his hand, “Gilbert Blythe, of course I love you. I wasn’t going to tell you, because I was afraid you were going to laugh at me.” Gilbert tenderly kissed her hand, “I wouldn’t have laughed, love. But, there’s something else.” Anne nodded, “Alright.” Gilbert handed her the box and said, “Open it.” Anne shifted positions and slowly opened the box. When she saw the ring, she gasped. It was beautiful. It was an emerald set with two diamonds on each side. She looked at Gilbert with twinkling eyes, “It’s beautiful.” Gilbert took a deep breath and said, “Anne, the ring is yours, only if you’ll have me.” Anne laughed through her tear filled eyes, “Oh Gilbert, if that’s a proposal, yes, I’ll marry you.” Gilbert smiled and then laughed with relief. Then, he got to his feet and kissed her lovingly. Anne ran her fingers through his hair and said in a quiet voice, “You better not make me wait too long.” Gilbert shook his head, “No, we’ll marry as soon as we can. But, I—“ Anne looked into his eyes, “You what?” Gilbert sighed, “I got accepted to medical school, but I wouldn’t dream of asking you to wait or even waiting for me. I’ll send them a letter denying their acceptance.” Anne shook her head, “No! Gil, that’s been your dream since you were a boy. Now, who says I can’t go with you. Just promise me that we’ll come back to Avonlea to raise our family.” Gilbert smiled, “Of course, but Anne, I won’t have much money. There won’t be diamond sunbursts or marble halls.” Anne wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly, “I don’t want diamond sunbursts or marble halls; I just want you.” Gilbert’s heart over flowed with love for at that moment. He planted a soft kiss on his lips and said quietly, “I love you so much, Anne; that will never change.” Anne whispered into his ear, “As long as the sun and moon shall endure; and much, much longer.”


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