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Fan Fiction

All Characters are the property of LM Montgomery and her heirs and Sullivan Entertainment.  These are for entertainment purpose only. Others may have their own opinions as to how these fan fiction stories should take place.  If you have a better idea we would like to read about them.

Rilla's Castle o' Dreams

By ElleJay

For all of you who, like me, adore Jims. I love the romance of Rilla and Ken and wanted to write about them, and how could i miss that "adorable infant" out?


Rilla saw the buggy coming from the upstairs hall window. She fairly flew down to the front door. The Andersons were going away for a few days a Rilla was going to be looking after her precious Jims. It was the longest he had stayed at Ingleside since leaving and Rilla was over the moon.

And the Fords were coming back to the Island tomorrow! Rilla felt like dancing and singing and laughing all at once.

Soon she had wirled Jims up into her arms in a huge bear hug. "How are you, my darling? We are going to have such a fun time!"

That afternoon Rilla, Nan and their mother were up at the House of Dreams, cleaning it from top to bottom and making it ready for the Ford's arrival the next day - while Jims played in the flower scented garden.

Rilla was flitting about with her head in the clouds, adding her own set dreams to those that had been spun in that little house.
"Rilla Blythe! You've been dusting those same shelves for the past half hour! What has got into you I wonder?" teased Nan as she came across her sister in the sitting room, gazing absently out the window and across the harbour.

Rilla came back to the earth with a start and blushed prettily. She was just about to get on with their work when a cry came from her mother upstairs.

"Rilla dear, Jims is..."But before she could finish there was a loud splash from outside. Rilla dashed to the door. Jims was sitting in the stream that cut across the corner of the garden, very wet and with tears streaming down his little face.

"Mummy!" he was crying. Soon Rilla had got to him. "Mummy isn't here but Rilla will help you darling."

The small, an inexcusable, stab of jealousy she had felt when he had cried out for his mother rather than her vanished as he put his little arms around her neck. Instead she felt a glow of happiness. Jims really had settled in well to his new family, and he was still hers to pet and cuddle and love.


The next morning Rilla was at the station with her Father and Mother, having left Jims making gingerbread men with Susan.

Soon the could here the train in the distance. Rilla could hardly keep still for excitement! "Calm down," she told herself sternly "Ken is marrying a young woman, not a will-o-the-wisp!"

But then, as the train came into sight, she gave up trying to be lady-like and clapped her hands with excitement!

Mother and father were laughing at her, and smiling in a way they had done so seldom during the war, thought this last year had had many sunshiny, laughing moments in it. This was the first time mother and father had seen Leslie and Owen since before the war and they were delighting in the prospect of the visit of old friends like they had in the old days.

The train was coming... it was at the the station. the doors were opening... And suddenly Rilla was in Ken's arms again and everyone was chatting and laughing and hugging and shaking hands. Persis was giving Rilla a sisterly hug. Mother and Leslie were looking at the couple with tears in their eyes. "Just think, my baby and your tall handsome lad!" mother was saying.

Rilla looked up into Ken's dark eyes and felt her heart soaring...

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