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Fan Fiction

All Characters are the property of LM Montgomery and her heirs and Sullivan Entertainment.  These are for entertainment purpose only. Others may have their own opinions as to how these fan fiction stories should take place.  If you have a better idea we would like to read about them.


Vignette of Life

by Becca

He sighed as he placed the last item in his trunk. His second year of medical school was over. The summer was finally here and he could spend more than a glorified fortnight in Avonlea, with friends, with family, and with Anne. He locked the trunk and moved it towards the door of his bedroom, then down the stairs, where his boarding house mates were waiting with baited breath. Gilbert saw the looks.


"You're leaving awful quickly"

"I just want to get home."

"That wouldn't have anything to do with that mysterious letter writer, now would it?"

"Yes, Shaw, it would. Now if you will excuse me."

He made it as far as the door. There he was stopped by a young woman who worked at the post office. She was called Beth by her friends and frequented with Gilbert's circle of friends at Dall's.

"What is it Beth?"

"Two things actually, just a second, let me catch my breath." This was because she had ran all the way from the post office to this boarding house her best stop spreading the news on the way. She looked at one letter she held in her hand. "This is addressed to a Mr. Gilbert Blythe. It's been sent from Green Gables, Avonlea, although it isn't as thick as the normal, hmm?" She handed Gilbert the letter. He promptly took it and went in a reasonably quiet corner of the boarding house.

"Secondly," Gilbert heard, "You will never guess who is coming to Dall."

"Who?" The males asked politely, but didn't really care.

"Guess, you silly gooses!"

They all pretended to think for Beth was quite lovely and ever unattached make at Dall's was competing for her affections. Gilbert just laughed at the scene for he had finished his letter. It was a few short lines for Anne, hoping it would reach him in time so that he would stay in Dall and wait for her. She was coming there for a book signing.

Gilbert spoke, "Anne Shirley. The author of that book you girls always rave over?"

"That is correct Gilbert Blythe, how did you know?"

"A lucky guess."

"Well, no matter, she is coming this very day and I do so want her to sign my book, its a second edition you know, and with there already being a third and fourth on the way, a signed second would be priceless. I know you carry around that book too, Gilbert Blythe, what edition is yours? Oh, no matter, I am just so excited, I can't wait to meet her and have her sign my book. Oh, I wonder what she looks like."

"Red head, gray eyes, tall, and slim." And with that Gilbert walked out of the boarding house, without his trunk, but he left the letter so his friends would know where he had gone.

Beth looked at the others occupying the room. Shaw offered, "Lucky guess?"

"I don't think so, I'm going to follow him."

"Wait, he actually left one of his letters unguarded."

"You aren't going to read it? Are you?"

"Yes, are you kidding me? A chance like this that man never leaves these letters lying around. They're from his fiancÚ, I think, he never said, but he does have a fiancÚ and that is the only person I can think of. Okay, here is what the letter says:

Dearest Gilbert,

I sincerely hope that this letter reaches you in time. I'm coming up to Dall the first weekend of your vacation. I hope to see you, but if this doesn't reach you before you leave for Avonlea, it will be one more week before I can see you again. My publisher wants me to some book signing or some such nonsense. I only consented to this because it gave me the opportunity to see you. I pray once more that this reaches you in time. I really must hurry, Marilla needs me in the kitchen or to get Mrs. Lynde out. The minister is calling tonight and they both want everything to be perfect. I will see you in on week or two.

Love Always,


P.S. I arrive on the 3:00 PM train on Tuesday May 21, if you can meet me there that would be a dream come true. If not, I shall be resigned to taking a cab.


"You don't think?"

"It couldn't be."

"Maybe not, Gil tends to keep that part of his life to himself."

"Wait a minute."

"What is it Beth?"

"The dedication in the book is to Marilla and Matthew."

"Like the letter."

"And to Gilbert who inspired her with the idea in the place. I just never made the connection before, even though it was right under our noses. Avonlea Vignettes, Gilbert is from Avonlea. We should have known. No wonder he is the only make at Dall's who admits owning a copy of the book.

"And if Gilbert's Anne is the Anne Shirley, and the letter said to meet her at the train depot, then . . ."

"She's arriving today!!"

"Calm down, Beth. I'll walk you to the depot. I'll walk you there to make sure you aren't out of breath and almost painting when you meet your admired Miss Shirley."


She had always loved looking out the window of trans. It was like seeing the future what was to come, but if you switched seats as you could also look into the past what you were leaving behind. This time, Anne could hardly keep herself in her seat looking towards tomorrow. She truly hoped that Gil had received the message. The train pulled into the station not a moment too soon. Anne sprang from her seat and quickly disembarked the train. Her eyes searched the depot for a young man she could spot in any crowd, and she did. There was Gilbert looking the other direction trying to find her in the crowd. She ran to him and he turned just in time to sweep her into his arms and spin her around while kissing her shamelessly in public.

"Gil!" Anne scolded when her lips were free.

"I don't care what other people think Anne-girl. I haven't seen you since Easter and we have a week to ourselves away from town gossip and I instead to take full advantage of that."

"I thought you might, but I am here on business and that must be attended to first."

"They adore you here, Anne. All the girls think your novel is the most lovely and romantic thing they ever read. Do you know how proud I am of you?"

"Oh, I think I can figure it out. Come take me to the hotel. My publishers insisted I stay at the fanciest one whereas I would be content at a boarding house, as long as it had some scope for imagination in it."

"Oh, no."

"What is it, Gil?"

"Here come your fans." He said pointing to Beth.

"She reminds me of Ruby Gillis."

"That was the first thing I thought when I met her too, but she is really nothing like her. She's more like Diana Barry."

"Then I'm sure to like her. Wait, how does she know what I look like?"

"She was announcing the news of your pending arrival to my boarding house mates, as well as delivering your letter, and the opportunity to play with theirs minds was too good to pass up."

"Gilbert Blythe, you should be ashamed of yourself."

"Oh, I will be, once my conscience sets in, but it hasn't had a chance to do that yet the excitement of seeing you was too much."

"You sure can be a talker when you want to. It probably was a good joke to behold, never the less."

"Here comes your audience, Miss Shirley. Miss Shirley, may I introduce Elizabeth Cunningham."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Shirley. I absolutely love your book, it's the quaintest thing."

"Thank you very much, Miss Cunningham, but do call me Anne, for any friend of Gil's is a friend of mine."

Gilbert was nudged by the forgotten escort.

"Come on Blythe introduce me."

"I'm not going to let you swoop down on Anne. She wouldn't know what to expect."

"She looks like she can handle herself; don't you trust her or me?"

"Yes, I trust her, and I trust you. I just don't trust you with her. You will get into a discussion on some topic of fanciful things for I know you two will hit is famously, and then between the work she can for and you I won't have time to see her and she is my fiancÚ."

"I promise I won't steal her from you the entire time, besides," he gestures to the talking females, "I think Beth has done a pretty good job of that."

"Anne, come here, there is someone I would like you to meet."

"Anne Shirley, I'd like you to meet Shaw McGabin."

"Pleasure. Shaw?"

"Family name?"

"I see. You a medical student, too?"

"Yep, same class as Gil."

"I hate to leave so hurriedly, but Gil was taking me to my room. I need to get some sleep tonight, it was a long trip here."

The group exchanged goodbyes, promised to meet tomorrow for lunch and left.


"I can't believe that woman is famous! There is not a snobbish bone in her body. She's engaged to Gil? From what I could judge from talking to her, those two will make quite a pair."

"Now that I think of it, I need to be more observant. Gilbert never did mention who the letter writer was, but he did talk about his fiancÚ and he did call her Anne, just shows you how much we miss. Anyway, she was an orphan, adopted mistakenly. She came from humble beginnings Beth, she hasn't forgotten that."

"I thought the Blythes were high in Avonlea society. They let Gil marry an orphan?"

"She must have stolen the hearts of everyone in town, and they claim her as their own."


"This is goodnight."

"I will see you in the morning."

"For the sunrise?"

"There is a park, just down the lane where we can meet."

"Our meeting must be brief for I have business to attend to before lunch, but I wouldn't miss any time with you for the world."

"Then I bid you farewell."

"I love you."

"And I the same."

They kissed passionately, and both went their separate ways, prepared for anything that comes their way.

The End?


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