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Fan Fiction

All Characters are the property of LM Montgomery and her heirs and Sullivan Entertainment.  These are for entertainment purpose only. Others may have their own opinions as to how these fan fiction stories should take place.  If you have a better idea we would like to read about them.

All's Right in the World

By Shorty

Anne and Gilbert are home for the summer. Roy came home with Anne to try and get her to change her mind.

"Anne! Anne!" Gilbert shouted in fear. He ran over to the limp body and dropped down. "Anne!"

"Gilbert," she murmured, half conscious. "Gilbert, save me." He didn't think of Roy. Anne's safety was his only thought. He gently scooped her up.

"Marilla, I. . .I had to spite him. I love him. But don't tell. . ." Gilbert's heart stopped a beat. He knew she was delusional. . .but. . .could she possibly love him?
"I'm going to get you home Anne," he whispered.

"Oh goodness! What happened to her Gilbert?" Marilla asked in concern.

"I. . .don't know. I found her. She needs a doctor." He placed her on the davenport while Marilla telephoned the doctor.

"Com'on Anne. Fight it. Come back to me," he softly crooned.

"Roy. Where's Roy?" she asked, as her eyes fluttered open. Roy. She would want him.

"I'll go find him." With that promise, the doctor came in.

"Marilla? Where's Roy?"

"Gilbert's getting him."

Gilbert soon found Roy coming in from the fields where he had been helping Martin with his chores. . .well, watching him do them.

"Your girlfriend needs you." Why must those words hurt so? Anne was happy. That was what really mattered.

"Fiancée," Roy corrected. Gilbert swallowed, trying to wrap his mind around the word. She had said yes. She was gone.

"Gilbert, would you like a cup of tea?" Marilla offered after the two men had returned and Roy had rushed to Anne's side.

"I--I don't think that would be wise. I should get home." Marilla watched in wonder as he hurried off. He was so much like his father at that age. Just like his father. And that look. She knew that look.

"Anne, I wish you'd reconsider."

"I don't know if I can Roy."

"So what? I can court you, but nothing more?"

"Oh Roy. It's just. . ." How could she explain ideals to him?

"There's someone else, isn't there?" Anne cringed as she heard those words again. Why did they all think that?

"No, there isn't."

"This is about Gilbert, isn't it? Why would you want to settle down with a poor farm boy?"

"Maybe I'm just a poor farm girl!" Anne snapped. "Do you love me Roy? Do you really?"

"Yes, Anne. I do."

"Do you know what flowers I like? Do you know how the trees talk to each other? Do things like beauty give you a thrill? Can you pretend? Do you believe in haunted woods and a child's imagination?" she questioned passionately.

"Well, I did wonder why you didn't wear my flowers at convocation."

"That's why I can't marry you. After all this time, you don't know me. We don't have history. Our relationship is too smooth. You don't laugh at jokes, and. . .you don't belong in my life."

"So then who does?"

"I don't know!"

"You know Anne Shirley, you are the most pig-headed, stubborn, selfish girl I have ever met! You play with emotions as if they were toys! I hope you realize your mistake and I hope you suffer bitterly!"

Marilla walked in after Roy stormed out.  "What was that about?"

"I'm not sure. But I need some air."

"Anne, you shouldn't walk around. Especially not alone."

"It's me, Marilla. I'll be fine. The doctor even said so."

"Against my better judgement, alright."

Anne began her walk aimlessly, but ended at the Blythe farm.

"Anne!" Gilbert said in alarm when he saw her. He put down his paintbrush and rushed to her side. "Is something wrong? You shouldn't be out alone."

"I was looking for someone to talk to, but if you're busy. . ." Anne's voice trailed as she motioned towards the paint.

"Give me a minute to put away the paint, and I'll finish it tomorrow. Let's go talk by the lake."

"I thought he was the man of my dreams. So I must be in love, right? His only main flaw was he didn't have a sense of humour. That is until he proposed. He doesn't belong in my life. He doesn't know me. We have no history. Our relationship was so smooth, I didn't feel he knew me."

"Because you didn't break a slate over his head?" Gilbert's eyes had that familiar mischievous glimmer. Anne laughed at the memory.

"Something like that. But then today when he tried to convince me to change my mind and accept. . .he remind me of you. I'm not sorry to see him go. I just. . .I feel like I threw away a lot of expectations. I mean, Roy's the kind of man that Ruby would marry in an instant. But I can't. Especially not after how he talked to me. He called me pig-headed, selfish, and stubborn, and accused me of toying with his emotions. I didn't mean to. He just. . .he doesn't belong in my life. Do you know what I mean?"

"Yes. I know a girl who I feel belongs in my life. But it doesn't matter because she'll never love me."

"Oh Gil. . ."

"Wait. . .did you say you said no to Roy's proposal?"

"Yes, why?"

"He told me you two were engaged."

"Is he trying to influence everyone against me?" Anne fell back against the sandy shoreline in exasperation.

"Anne, you know he's wrong, right?"

"About what?"

"Well, you are stubborn, but he made it too negative of a characteristic. And you're not pig-headed and you're definitely not selfish. I don't know what's gone on between you two, but I know you and he's wrong about you playing with his emotions. Our feelings change. I'm not still with Josie, am I?" The sky began to darken and a burst of rain poured down on them without warning.

"Uh. . ." Gilbert looked around for safety. He saw a deserted shed. "There!" he said, pointing. They ran inside.

Gilbert looked at Anne and started laughing. He brushed a stray clump of soaked hair from her face, pausing ever so slightly before removing his hand. Anne began to shiver. Gilbert looked around desperately for something drape over her shoulders. Of course there was nothing. As a last resort, he put his arms around her.

Anne felt a warmth come over her. It did not subside her shivers. But. . .it was something Roy was missing. Frustrated, Anne tore away.

"I--I'm sorry," Gilbert stuttered in surprise. "Did I do something wrong?"

"No, I'm just confused and mixed up."

"About what?"

"About Roy. About relationships."

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"Not with you. I can't with you."

"I thought we were kindred spirits."

"Don't, Gil. Don't look at me like that. I can't talk to you because. . .do you still love me?" Her green eyes left no doubt what the blunt question meant. He spun around and punched the wall.

"Dang it, Anne! You know the answer. I know you do. But to see you with Roy. . .it's hard. You shouldn't doubt the relationship like you do. If he really was your man, you'd know. It would be hard enough if you were with someone who was more of a man than me. Someone who swept you off your feet each and every day and treated you like a princess. At least I could live with that. But to see you stay with Roy. . .that makes me feel like I'll never find a woman."

"Oh, so it's all my fault, is it Mr. Blythe?!?"

"Anne. . .I didn't say that."

"I think you did!" With that, she ran out of the shed. Gilbert knew better than to follow her this time.

"I proposed, Anne. Why wouldn't I love you?" he whispered.

"Oh Diana, I'm just so confused."

"Anne, there has to be a reason you denied him."

"And I told you the reason."

"I meant a person reason. Who is it that belongs in your life?"

"Why do you think I already know him?"

"Wouldn't someone who has always been there for you, who has weathered your temper, who really knows you belong in your life? Doesn't Gilbert belong in your life?"

"Yes, but not as a romantic suitor."

"Really? You seemed awfully depressed when he wasn't around."

"There are times when I wonder if I love him. Like today, in the shed, when he had his arms around me. . .I had this weird feeling that I never get when Roy touches me."

"Anne, I know you don't want to hear this, but that's love. You won't be happy with Roy."

"But I will with Gil?"

"Will you?"

"Marilla, can we invite Gilbert to dinner? I was spiteful to him today and he deserves an apology."

"Of course. Is Roy staying for dinner?"


"Listen Blythe, I don't know why she invited you here, but let's get this straight: she's mine and I'm determined to make her see that."

"You listen now, Gardner. I love her more than you love even yourself. She's not a prize to be won. She deserves someone who will treat her like a princess. She is way too good for you." Caught in emotion, Roy sent his fist into Gilbert's chin, who immediately fell to the porch. Anne came running out.

"Gilbert!" She turned to Roy in disgust. How could you?" She knelt next to Gilbert.

"He started it. He was trash talking you. I had to defend you, my love."

"Get away from me Roy. You make me sick.

"Gil," she whispered, cupping his chin where it was bleeding. His eyes flickered opened.


"Shh. You'll be okay. Let's get you patched up."

"Here, Anne. Let me help," Roy offered when he saw Anne struggling to help Gilbert up.


"Gilbert!" Josie exclaimed.

"You stay away too, Josie!"

Josie, huh? That's a pretty name."

"Thank you. What's. . ." Her voice was soon out of hearing as Anne and Gilbert made it indoors.

"Anne! What happened?" Marilla queried.

"Roy infuriates me!" she offered in means of explanation.

She soon had Gilbert mended.

"Hey Anne, may I ask you a question?"

"What is it?"

"I understand why you sent Roy away, but why Josie too?"

"I know you're no longer interested in her, but even still. . .you're too good for her. Too good for her to even touch." The two looked at each other, both slightly surprised by her answer. Against his better judgment, Gilbert slowly leaned forward and gently kissed her lips. He panicked a moment when he realized what he had done. Then he gauged her response. She sat there looking at him.

"Anne. . ." he said cautiously. "Don't hate me. . ."

"I--I don't," she said. "I--I actually feel quite the opposite."

"Dinner!" Marilla announced, sticking her head in.

"One minute, Marilla. I have something to ask Anne." He turned back to Anne, and got off the couch, knelt on one knee.

"I've been carrying something in my pocket for almost a year now. I asked you a question then. This time, I hope your answer will be different. Anne Shirley, will you marry me?" Marilla held her breath as she stood on the other side of the wall. Gilbert pulled out the ring box and opened it. Inside was a ringlet of pearls. He had remembered! Each passing second caused his heart to beat faster. Suddenly a smile spread across her face.

"Gilbert Blythe, you have weathered my temper, and my vanity. You have been there for me through everything. You have proven your love for me over and over. You belong in my life. I'd be a fool to say no. I love you Gil." Marilla slipped into the kitchen in relief.

He slipped the ring on her finger and she dropped to her knees.

"I love you too, Anne." His voice was hoarse with emotion. She placed her fingertips on his cheek and gently kissed him.

"Now you're sure you want this? You want me?" He smiled teasingly.

"More than anything," she said passionately. He enveloped her in a hug.

"My Anne. My Queen Anne." He kissed the top of her head.

"Anne? Is Roy still staying for dinner?" Marilla poked her head into the room.

"Oh goodness! I'd forgotten about him." Anne hurried outside. Roy and Josie were still out there talking.

"Roy, are you still eating with us?"

"Actually, I'd prefer to grab my stuff and go with Josie."

"Okay." Just then, Diana came down the lane.

"Diana!" Anne ran to meet her.

"What is it Anne?"

"Gil and I are engaged!" Diana squealed, hugging her bosom friend.

"But wait, what about Roy?"

"I couldn't marry Roy. Plus, I think he has a great interest in Josie." Diana laughed.

"His standards sure dropped." Anne smiled.

"You will stay for dinner?"

"Of course." Roy came out and left without a word, with Josie on his arm. Gilbert came out and watched his fiancée and her bosom friend.

"Gilbert! Congratulations!"

"Thank you Diana." He hugged her amiably.

"Marilla! I have good news!" Marilla and Rachel Lynde sat at the table waiting.

"Gilbert and I are engaged!"

"Oh Anne!" Marilla stood up for her hug.

"You two do make a handsome couple," Rachel said as Anne hugged her.

"I know Gil is, but I'm not so sure about me."

"You're beautiful Anne," Gilbert promised. She smiled at him, blushing slightly.

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