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Fan Fiction

All Characters are the property of LM Montgomery and her heirs and Sullivan Entertainment.  These are for entertainment purpose only. Others may have their own opinions as to how these fan fiction stories should take place.  If you have a better idea we would like to read about them.

Memories at the Altar

 By Beks

Anne Shirley sat on her bed in the East Gable with her best friend and kindred spirit, Diana Wright, nee Barry, and Diana's little daughter, Anne Cordelia. Anne was dressing for her wedding day, and she was more nervous than she could estimate.

"Will I make a good wife, Diana?" Anne asked.

"Marriage takes some work, Anne, but if it's with the right person, it makes it worth it." Diana paused for a moment. "Besides, you and Gil have been engaged for so long, I think most people in Avonlea were surprised that you weren't married already when they got their invitations."

Anne stood and looked at her hair in the mirror. She then walked to the window, where Marilla and Rachel Lynde were seeing to all the preparations for the wedding. To the far corner, Anne spotted Gilbert talking with Fred. "I still can't believe that Gilbert turned out to be the one I love the most."

"What makes it so hard to believe? I knew it from the beginning." Anne eyed her. "Well, maybe not from the beginning, but I wasn't surprised."

"I was such a goose when we were children. Do you think I really hurt him when I smashed that slate over his head?"

Diana shook her head. "I remember speaking with him after you turned him down the first time. He told me that no matter what he did to show you how much he loved you, you seemed to hurt him."

Anne gave her a dirty look. "Why are you bringing that up?"

"Because he told me that no matter what happened, he would always love you. He and Christine broke off their engagement because of you."

Anne smiled. "Why did I ever agree to be courted by Royal Gardner?"

Diana laughed. "Because he was tall, proud and melancholy." She said, melodramatically. "Exactly what you always wanted, right?"

"But no one makes me laugh like Gil. He's the only one who I can really be myself around." Anne sighed and twirled around the room. "When I'm with him, I feel like I can do anything. Be anyone."

Diana smiled. "Gil caters to your imagination. Roy never understood it like Gil does."

There was a knock at the door, and Marilla entered. Upon seeing Anne in her wedding gown, and twirling around her room, Marilla gave her a stern look, but felt her heart melting inside. "Anne, what in tarnation are you doing?"

"Just thinking back to how amazing it is that at this time tomorrow, I will be Mrs. Gilbert Blythe."

"Well, the minister has given the signal, so it's time to go." Marilla said, sternly. She gave Anne one last look, keeping her composure, before walking down the stairs.

"Oh, Anne, you're ravishing." Diana cried, taking her bosom friend's hands. "It'll never be like it was again, will it, Anne?"

"No." Anne whispered. "But our children will be kindred spirits for life, and they will carry on for us."

They both looked at little Anne Cordelia and sighed.

As Anne walked down the stairs, she noticed a picture of Mathew and Marilla. "Oh, Mathew, I wish you were walking me down the aisle." She whispered.

"Anne, what are you muttering?" Rachel asked "Nothing, Rachel." Anne replied, wiping away a tear.
Rachel looked Anne up and down, and smiled. "You look lovely."

"Thank you, Rachel."

"Go on." Rachel, pointed Anne toward the door. She sighed as she watched Anne go. She chuckled at the time Anne called her a fat, ugly and sour old gossip, and then the theatrical apology she gave later. "She's changed so much." Rachel thought. "To think I would live to see this day."

Gilbert was nervous. More nervous than he would ever let on. He couldn't believe that Anne had finally agreed to be his wife. What's more, he couldn't believe that day had finally come. He saw Marilla walking toward her seat in the front row, and thought about how his father and Marilla had once been sweethearts. Their terrible fight had left Marilla an old maid, and John had married someone else. Gilbert thought it ironic that he and Anne were now righting a wrong from so long ago.

He felt a small pain in his head where Anne had broken the slate over it. He chuckled as he thought how he'd chased Anne and had finally caught her. The day she'd finally agreed to his proposal he'd felt lighter than air.

Small Anne Cordelia came down the aisle, throwing apple blossom petals. Next came Diana, Anne's matron of honor, walking down the aisle with Fred as Best Man. Gilbert took a deep breath as the organist began playing the wedding march.

Anne looked straight into Gilbert's eyes as she made her way down the aisle. Gil didn't know when he'd seen Anne look more beautiful, and Anne didn't know what she'd done to deserve a wonderful man like Gilbert. But what they both knew was that now they were going to make memories together. Silly memories, sad memories, romantic memories and the happiest memories anyone could ever have. 'Til death do they part.

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