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Anne of Green Gables
Fan Fiction

All Characters are the property of LM Montgomery and her heirs and Sullivan Entertainment.  These are for entertainment purpose only. Others may have their own opinions as to how these fan fiction stories should take place.  If you have a better idea we would like to read about them.


The Announcement

by Becca

"Then they walked home together in the dusk, crowned King and Queen in the bridal realm of love, along winding paths fringed with the sweetest flowers that ever bloomed and over haunted meadows where winds of hope and memory blew." -Anne of the Island by L.M. Montgomery

Here's what I think happened after that walk.

She clung to his hand like she never done before. She might have dragged him on countless walks, on innumerable paths in forgotten woods. This walk and this path, however would never be forgotten. The gloriousness of the event was even more perfect than her fantasies.

She looked down once more at the hand whose fingers were intertwined with hers and then she looked up at the face of the man who owned the hand.

"I love you, Gil."

"I know my dearest, but to hear you say those words, I have waited so long..."

"And for that I apologize, I once again made the folly of being stubborn and clueless."

"You're supposed to be the poetic one Anne, just let this moment be a poem. We can deal with the prose in due time. Right now I want to enjoy the beauty of the moment. I want to look into your eyes, watch the sunset, hold your hand, kiss you."

Anne blushed at the suggestion.

"There is a part of me that wants to keep you all to myself and then there is this other part of me that wants to run to Green Gables and through Avonlea shouting that news!"

"So what have you decided?"

"I have decided that I am going to stop talking and enjoy the sunset."

"Good decision." Gilbert praised, although any decision she would have made would have been perfect for him.

When they reached the gate of Green Gables they talked for longer than they had the first time they had stopped at the gate as friends.

"Are you sure you are going to be able to make it back to your farm at this late hour?" Anne asked, finally coming to her senses.

"I'll be fine."

"I worry," she said as she pulled him into a playful yet protective hug, "and besides it would be no trouble at all to make up the parlor couch for you the sleep on."

"The temptation would be too great," Gil teased.

"You are incorrigible Gil!"

"I'm honest, besides what would Marilla and Mrs. Lynde think if they found me eating breakfast with you when they woke up."

"They would think what they already think for they are two stubborn ladies. Marilla would merely smile her knowing smile and leave well enough alone. Mrs. Lynde on the other hand would first say 'I told you so' and then proceed to lecture us on proper edict."

"So do you see the necessity for me to return home?"

"I recognize it."

"Then I bid farewell until tomorrow, dearest of Annes."

"I love you Gil."

They kissed and their hands remained touching until the final moment, as with extended arms, their fingertips said the final farewell.


The Next Morning

"You look more spirited than usual this morning, Anne."

"That is because I am living in a nearly perfect world Mrs. Lynde."

"Did you come in late last night Anne? I didn't hear you come in."

"It was after sunset when I returned to Green Gables, Marilla."

"So, Anne, is there any news that you want to share with us this morning."

"Not at the moment Mrs. Lynde."

The three ladies ate the rest of their breakfast in relative silence. Marilla was the first to rise and bring her dishes to the sink. She glanced out the window, and then looked at Anne.

"Anne Shirley, why is Gilbert coming up the walk at this early hour of the morning?"

Anne just smiled at Mrs. Lynde's question and went to answer the door.

While she was away from the table, Mrs. Lynde whispered to Marilla. "She went walking with that boy last night, right Marilla?"

"Yes, Rachel, Anne and Gilbert went for a walk last evening, but don't give me that look Rachel. For one, I am not Anne and I do not know her mind, and two, they probably just found something on their walk last night and want to make sure that it is still in it's proper place." Marilla said sensibly, but secretly wishing that Rachel was right. Marilla had a premonition that her wish might come true when Gilbert and Anne re-entered the room.

"Marilla, Rachel, I do have some news this morning," the youth said smiling, "I just needed to wait for this very important person." She said while looking up at Gil and squeezing his hand. "Now, please, no 'I told you so's,'. Gil and I are getting married."

Both ladies offered their congratulations. Mrs. Lynde smiled the triumphant smile of a lucky guesser. Marilla smiled the widest grin Mrs. Lynde could ever remember seeing on her.

"Now, we don't plan on announcing the engagement, excepting those close to us, for a while now. We want to wait until Anne has her ring."

"I told Gil I don't need a ring, but he insists." The insisting that Anne spoke of was Gil merely asking twice. Anne knew that she didn't need a ring, but she was a normal woman and she did want one. "So, Rachel, please no gossiping, please."

"You have my word, Anne. Now go, tell Gilbert's parents. I'm sure they want to know." The two young lovers walked blithely toward the Blythe homestead. The two older woman watched from the kitchen window of Green Gables.

"I told you Marilla, that those two would be a match."

"Rachel, those two would have been a match whether you told me so or not."


"Mother, Father?"

"Gilbert is that you? Where have you been all morning?"

"At Green Gables, Mother. Talking with Mrs. Lynde and Miss Cuthbert."

"What ever about dear?"

Gilbert chose that moment to pull Anne into the room.

"Mother, I asked Anne to marry me, and she accepted."

"You dears!" She exclaimed, hugged both Gilbert and Anne. "I'm so glad. Let's go find your father."

John Blythe found, congratulations bestowed and Gilbert's breakfast eaten. The newly betrothed couple was one their way to their final stop, the Wrights. The walk to the Wrights was a long one, and both Anne and Gilbert enjoyed it immensely.


"What kind of diamond would you like for you troth ring, Anne?"

"Oh, Gil, I don't want a diamond. They've never appealed to me since I found out they weren't the lovely purple I imagined them to be. I want pearls."

"But pearls are for tears, Anne."

"Some of the happiest times in my life I've had tears in my eyes, when Marilla told me I could stay at Green Gables, when I heard you were going to make it through the fever. So give me pearls for our troth ring and I'll take the joy of life along with the sadness."*

*AN:The enclosed conversation is a close adaptation from "Anne's House of Dreams*

Gilbert stopped walking and turned Anne to face him.

"Pearls it will be, Anne." Gil sealed that promise with a kiss. They did not continue their walk for a good while. They moved slightly of the path that was Lover's Lane and talked in whispers, kisses and caresses. The two forgot that they were in a fairly public place. When Diana Wright walked by, sans child and husband, Gilbert had Anne in his arms. Literally, he had picked her up, for a reason for only the lovers' ears, and was refusing to put her down. Diana heard this and stopped dead on the trial, standing silently with her arms crossed, waiting to be noticed. It took a while.

"Gilbert Blythe, you put me down this instant!"

"Not until you say it!"

"I will not say it!" Anne protested with a smile.

"Then I will just have to carry you to the Wrights." He turned to walk on the path, Anne still in his arms, nearly running into Diana.

"There's no need, I was on my way to see Anne."

"Diana!" They said in a surprised unison. Gilbert didn't put Anne down, he merely shifted her in his arms.

"Would you two care to explain this?" Diana asked laughing, "What if I had been Josie Pye or Mrs. Harmon Andrews? What would you two have done then?"

"I probably would have dropped Anne and she would probably have been a deeper shade of red than she is now." Gilbert deduced calmly, his redhead now squirming in his arms.

"Put me down, Gil. I want talk to Diana."

"Not until you say it, or pay the consequences." He said teasingly. Diana turned her head away. She remembered this stage with Fred, although she never remembered Fred being so brash, she thought, with a little pang of regret.

"Fine." Anne bestowed a quick peck on Gilbert's mouth.

"That'll have to do for now; you're getting heavy."

"Hey!" She exclaimed, hitting him playfully.

"Are you two ready to have a conversation with the rest of the world yet?"

"Yes Diana." Anne said while smoothing her skirt.

"Well," Diana started off, "I see that Anne has finally come to her senses."

"Yes, I have Diana, so take that smirk off your face. We were just on our way to visit and announce our engagement."

"So when is the wedding?" Diana asked calmly like she had known this announcement had been coming all along.

"When Gil's done with medical school."

"I'm so happy for you two!" Diana suddenly exclaimed, hugging them both. She lingered with Anne, whispering in her ear. "We'll talk later."

"You know, Anne, why don't you and Diana go back to Green Gables. I need to go into town and pick up a few things."

"Alright. Stop by this afternoon?"

"Yeah." The two kissed good-bye, paying little head to Diana because of the newness of the relationship.


"Gilbert Blythe, what a pleasant surprise to see you here today." Alice Lawson greeted him as he entered the store. "It's good to see you on your feet."

"It's good to be on my feet. I'm looking for a ring, Alice."

"What kind of ring?"


"Well, now, that's an odd choice, it's not your mother's birthday, is it?"

"No, it's for a very special person."

"It's an engagement ring isn't it!" Alice exclaimed. "Is it for that Stuart girl everyone has been talking about."

"Alice, Christine is a friend, nothing more."

"Well, I won't pry any more. We have a couple rings, if you'll just follow me."


"Anne," Diana began as soon as the east gable door was closed, "When did you know?"

"Know that I loved Gilbert?"

"Yes you ninny?"

"Well, in my heart and stomach, I've always had a funny feeling whenever Gil was around. I only finally admitted that is was love when I thought he was dying."

"For an awfully smart girl, you can be entirely too daft sometimes."

"I know, Diana, believe me I know. You once said to me that ideals change, I don't know when, but somewhere along the line, my ideal became Gil and I didn't even know it."


"No, I don't think that that will do. It just seems too large, do you have anything more simple?"

"Just this one, and I'm afraid it's the last." That didn't matter, Gil took one look at the ring and knew it was the perfect one for Anne.

"That's perfect, Alice!"

"Well then," the clerk said with happy relief, "Come with me and we'll get this wrapped up and set up a payment plan.


The girlish chatter continued in the east gable until Gilbert arrived that afternoon. Marilla called Anne down and she bounded down the stairs, Diana following calmly a ways behind her.

Gil smiled at his fiancÚ.

"I came to invite you for a short ramble." Gil said smiling.

Anne looked at Marilla out of habit.

"Try to be back by supper this time."

"I best be going home, Fred and little Fred will be home from Fred's parents soon."

"Thank you for talking to me Diana."

Once Diana had left, Gilbert took Anne's hand and practically dragged her out the back door of Green Gables and through the fields.

"Gil, slow down, what's the rush."

"I have something that I want to give to you, but I want to give it to you in Hester's Garden."

"Ok, but can we walk, not run, there. I want to enjoy our time together. You are going to be gone all too soon."

"We have two weeks Anne, and then we have letters and vacations and glorious summers and then in three years we will be together for all eternity."

He surprised her by grabbing her at the waist, picking her up and spinning her around. When he put her down she stared at him like he had been possessed.

"What did you do that for?"

"I feel like I'm flying, I wanted you to feel that too."

"I didn't need you to pick me up to feel that way, I already do."

The couple eventually made it too Hester Gray's garden. Anne deemed the ring perfect, although most would suspect that Anne would have deemed any ring perfect.

They returned before supper as Marilla requested, although Anne's head remained in the clouds for the next two weeks.

At the end of the two weeks, Anne went with the Blythes and the Wrights to see Gilbert off to medical school. Despite the commotion, Anne and Gilbert managed to sneak to a private corner of the station to say their own private goodbye. Anne's back was against the wall and Gil was standing very close in front of her as they had their whispered conversation.

"So you are coming back for Christmas?"

"Yes, and so are you. I already have your address, so I'll write you first and then we'll keep correspondence after the holiday."

"I going to miss you."

"I miss you already."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

Gil looked around to make sure no one was looking and kissed Anne.

"Gil!" Anne chided.

"Couldn't help myself."

"You're incorrigible."

"I've been told that before. Come on," Gil said as he grabbed her hand, "They'll be missing us."

The train left on time as only they do when you don't want them to leave. Gilbert shook both his father's and Fred's hand, picked Little Fred up and held Fred above his head which made Fred giggle. This made Anne's heart leap as she imagined their future. He kissed his mother, Diana and Anne all on the cheek and began to walk towards the train. When he got about half way to the train, he dropped his bag and turned around, walking very quickly towards Anne. He kissed her in a way no way decent for public, but neither cared. They broke apart reluctantly, one of Gil's hand's remained on Anne's cheek.

"I love you Anne-girl." Tears filled Anne's eyes, forcing Gilbert to turn away, as he felt the pain too. He walked quickly to the train this time. Gilbert waved to the entire group as the train left the station. Anne had to led off the platform by Diana. They were half way to Avonlea when Anne first spoke.

"How romantic." It was all Fred and Diana could do to not fall off the buggy laughing.

The End


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