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Fan Fiction

All Characters are the property of LM Montgomery and her heirs and Sullivan Entertainment.  These are for entertainment purpose only. Others may have their own opinions as to how these fan fiction stories should take place.  If you have a better idea we would like to read about them.


Life Longing for Love

by Rebekkah

"No! It can't be!" Una Meredith sobbed intensely, pushing her face into her pillow on her bed. She had been sobbing for three hours, while Faith, Una's older sister tried to comfort her. "Why did Walter have to die?" Walter Blythe and Una Meredith loved each other with their whole heart, and when Walter died, she was heart-broken. Walter was fighting in World War 1, and then it happened. He was shot, and Una felt like she was shot too.

"Oh, Faith! What am I to do? I can't go on like this!" Faith didn't know what to say. She was rather surprised at her sister's behavior because Una was usually quiet.

"Well-" Faith started, "why don't we go somewhere?"

"Where?" Una looked up, her face re and tear-stained.

"How about, Rainbow Valley?" The Meredith children and Blythe children played in Rainbow Valley when they were younger.

Una quietly responded, "Yes, maybe we should."

Faith smiled her beautiful smile, and said to her sister, "Why don't you wash your face and then we will go." Una smiled back at Faith and hurried off. Faith sighed a breath of relief. She didn't know if Una would like the idea of going to Rainbow Valley or not. It might remind her too much of Walter, but Una seemed to like the idea. Una ran out of the house, with Faith trailing behind her.

When they reached Rainbow Valley. The sun was shining, casting a glow over everything.

Una was leading Faith to a place were Walter always sat. Faith wasn't sure if this was the best for Una, but she let her go anyway.

When they arrived, Una gasped and looked like she was going to faint!

She tried to whisper some words, "W-w-w-alter! That's w-w-where W-w-alter-" Una fainted, but luckily, Faith caught her. Faith was also surprised at what she was seeing. There was a strange, handsome man, sitting under the tree that Walter always sat under. He was reading an old-torn up boo, and immediately looked up and rushed over to Faith, who was trying desperately to hold up Una.

"May I assist you?" he asked. His voice was low and as handsome as himself.

"Well," Faith's voice quavered, "I guess that would be okay, just don't let Una see you if she wakes up. You must leave from here." His face looked puzzled, but he carried Una so gently.

"Where does she live?"

"She's my sister, we live over there," Faith pointed. The man carried Una to the Manse with Faith following behind him. Faith noticed that he was very handsome and strong, but she wasn't thinking about her, she was thinking about Una. Faith was true to Jem.

A large bird swept over their heads and Faith realized that she sky was stained orange, purple, and pink.

"It's too bad that Una fainted, she would have loved this sunset!" Faith found herself talking.

"Yes, it is extravagant, isn't it?" he replied, without Faith noticing it. They didn't say anything else until they got to the Manse, and Faith lead the way and told him to lay Una on her bed.

"I'm Faith Meredith, and as you know, this is my sister Una, thank you for helping us."

"Oh, that's okay, she just reminded me so much of Rose, that I couldn't bear it and I had to come help you." Faith didn't know what to say. "And I am Matthew Stevenson. Uh, and Rose is, well, was my fiancÚ and um, she, well, left before we could get married." Faith was astonished!

"Well, Una, her fiancÚ, I guess you could call him that, he went off in the war and was shot."

"That's similar to what happened to Rose. She was helping sew things for the soldiers, and I was off at war, and they, they, bombed the city and well, she couldn't escape." Faith found herself crying and Matthew too. He finally stopped, "I'm so sorry about what happened. Did I make Miss Meredith faint?"

"Well," Faith didn't want to say that Walter always sat under that tree and read poems to the other Blythes and Merediths, "it's just that, Walter, her fiancÚ, um, always sat there and well, she was overcome with surprise." He was very polite, Faith thought and smiled. But he wasn't like Walter at all! She wondered what Una will think of Matthew when she wakes up. She probably will be mad at him, just because he was there, but then apologize, being the sweet young woman she was.

Faith realized she would have to talk to the Blythes about her plan before she goes ahead with it.

"Thank you, Mr. Stevenson," Faith said, "you should probably leave before-"

"No." Matthew Stevenson was clear about his answer. "No. I will not leave until I see her smiling face as it was when I first caught glimpse of her and I- I will not leave her alone until- until-" he cut off.

Just then, Katie and Anne heard Miss Bay call, "girls!" In her sweet voice. Katie ushered Anne into a large, beautiful room with a dark, shining piano in it.

"Oh! Katie! This room looks like it could be a room in a castle! I can just imagine all of the knights and kings and queens and fair maidens walking about your "orphan asylum"! Especially in this room!"

Katie smiled, "I agree with you Anne."

"Girls!" Miss Bay called again. Everyone quieted down, and Miss Bay proceeded.

"Today, we have a new addition to our staff, Miss Wellington." Miss Bay flourished her hand in the direction of Miss Wellington.

Then, as if all of the girls in the room (about 30) became one and their voices unison, saying "Good morning, Miss Wellington." Anne was shocked! This was where she wanted to be; she wanted to stay here. There was discipline, but not rough discipline, and you could use your imagination, Miss Bay and Katie were wonderful, and most of all, the place was beautiful!

Anne sighed, she loved this place. She could learn to live here, and she knew, that her life might be wonderful after all, especially since this beautiful place, was her new home!


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