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Anne of Green Gables
Fan Fiction

All Characters are the property of LM Montgomery and her heirs and Sullivan Entertainment.  These are for entertainment purpose only. Others may have their own opinions as to how these fan fiction stories should take place.  If you have a better idea we would like to read about them.

Davy's Beau

by Darien

“Hello! You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to meet you! Not that it was an agitated wait, but more of a wait filled with anticipation.”

Anne had no real idea of how long, because she had no idea whom the speaker was.

The young flighty thing in front of her seemed to notice Anne’s questioning manor. She had lightly tanned skin though it was obvious the suns touch was no stranger to her. She seemed to shine from the inside out. Her hair was a deep dark chocolaty brown, her eyes a vivid grass green. Right now they were filled with delight, but Anne could imagine them with every possible emotion, always changing but something in them staying solidly the same.

“My names May, May Summers, a fact that Davy is always teasing me about. I don’t mind as much now, but when we first met and he nearly died of laughter, I was, as you probably can imagine, vexed to no end. I-I wouldn’t talk to him for weeks. But then all’s well that ends well, right Anne dearest? Oh, I’m sorry if I call you pet names but it feels as if I know you through and through. You’re looking very questioningly at me this moment and I just realized how I’ve babbled on and on. Sorry.”

 Who did this girl remind her of? Incessant babbling, and apparently a temper to match the degree of her happiness. This girl reminded her of her self, just a few years a go. Could it really have only been a few years ago? Anne was on her first trip home since little Jem was born. They (Susan, her, her beloved Gilbert, and precious little Jem) had all settled into Ingleside quite nicely. She had to admit, she was already starting to hold their new home close to her heart.

She was confused. What was taking Gilbert so long? And Wasn’t Davy to be the one to pick her little family up, and take them home? As if the girl could read Anne’s heart and mind. “I do believe Davy went to help Dr. Blythe. He should be right back.” The girls eyes seemed to fill with worry. A few moments went by in silence. Try as she might Anne just couldn’t bring her self to ask May the questions that filled her brain. “Why are you here? Oh, I didn’t mean to sound so blunt it’s just, I don’t know you at all. I don’t even recognize your family name. And I sound so mean!”

“Oh please don’t fret! My mothers from the states and my father’s from here on P.E. Island. I moved here, to Avonlea to be the new school ma’am.”

Davy’s tan face was leering closer.

“Why I see you allready introduced youself, though I begged you to wait May.”

Mischief was evident in Mays sparkling green eyes.

"Anne, this is May Summers, Avonlea's school ma'am and my beau."

May’s head bowed and her tan cheeks blushed.

“Oh.” was all Anne could say.

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