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My Portfolio of Web Design

My services:

We help small businesses, organizations, and individuals design and publish web pages.  We provide a low cost alternative when you don't need all the high tech bells and whistles, but want something that has not been prefabricated.  You have a say in how it is all put together.  You have a say in the content and design.   We want you to be satisfied with the results.

We will provide:

  • help find and set up host server for your site (if needed)
  • design
  • graphics (use ours or your own)
  • links (unlimited) both internal and external
  • mail forms (as host server will allow)
  • mouse-over effects
  • support

Email today for a quote.

How I got started:

Several years ago the Salt Lake Mothers of Twins wanted a website.  As a member of that organization I offered to look into what it would take.  I asked my computer programming husband if he could help.  Not having much time to attend to that he told me that I ought to be able to figure it out.  Turns out he knew only a little more than I did about putting together a website.

I started out with one of the prefab sites where you pick a template and then enter your content.  I soon learned that if I wanted to make changes to the template I could IF I knew something called HTML.  I began looking up information on HTML that came with the prefab site.  They didn't offer much more than a quick tutorial.  Then I glanced on the book shelf in the room where my computer is and noticed a book called "HTML Web Publisher's Construction Kit" by David Fox and Troy Downing.  I pulled it off the shelf and several hours later I had some idea of what those four letters meant.  The corners are rather worn now and it has seen better days.  I have learned that there is much more to web design than knowing a little HTML.  There is Perl Script, Java Script, DHTML, CSS, PHP, Flash, ASP and a myriad of other bells and whistles to make a site do what you want it to do.

While I haven't learned all there is to learn about designing websites I do have a number of sites to my credit.