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Anne of Green Gables
Fan Fiction

All Characters are the property of LM Montgomery and her heirs and Sullivan Entertainment.  These are for entertainment purpose only. Others may have their own opinions as to how these fan fiction stories should take place.  If you have a better idea we would like to read about them.


The Meeting at the Evacuation Hospital

 by Steffi
See also: www.anne-fans.de

**Originally Written in German**

Anne ran to Colette. She was lying unconscious on the ground. Anne gave Dominic to a nurse. She was shocked to realize there was blood on Colette's neck. With help from a soldier, she carried Colette into the tent. They laid her down on a camp bed and Anne pressed her hand to the bleeding wound. She looked around upset. Wasn't there any doctor in this chaos? The nurse reached her carrying the crying Dominic.

"Nurse," Anne called "she needs a doctor."

But because of the attack, there were so many injured people. Anne pressed her hand despairingly to the wound while holding Dominic in her arms. The blood seeped through her fingers. What should she do? Hazily, Anne realized that a man in a white coat was looking at Colette. He called his orders to a nurse.

"Please. You must help her," Anne said and looked up.

"Gil!" she called the moment she recognized him.

"Anne," he looked at her astonished and grabbed to her hand.

Colette opens her eyes and looked at Dominic. She tried to say something. Gilbert departed to get something to stop the blood. Anne tried to understand Colette.

"Promi, promise" Colette breathed.

Now, Anne understood. Colette was asking her to look after her son.

"I promise, I promise" Anne said eagerly.

Slowly Colette closed her eyes. She was dead.

"I couldn't do anything," she heard Gilbert say.

Confused she looked at him. Dominic started to cry again, and Anne tried to calm down him.

"Stay here, Anne." Gilbert said. Then he hurried to the next injured person.

The attack finally stopped. Anne and Dominic were sitting on a chair in a corner of the tent. Dominic had fallen asleep in her arms and Anne was so exhausted, that she fell asleep, too.
Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"It's me, Anne" Gilbert said "Come on, we are going into my tent."

Anne knew the worst was over in that moment. Anne laid the sleeping Dominic on a camp bed in Gil's tent.

"Oh, Gil," she whispered and fell into his arms.

"Anne!" he pressed her to him and kissed her.

"What are you doing here? I thought I was dreaming when I saw your face," he said and stroked gently over her cheek.

"I had to search for you, Gil. All my letters to you came back. Moody and Charlie have fallen. And Fred is missing in action. I couldn't bear sitting and waiting. I had to do something."

"Fred is missing?" Gilbert asked.

"Yes. Oh, Gil, this all is so terrible. I couldn't sit in the church and hear how the vicar, Mr. Bell, was speaking of the dead and injured people from Avonlea."

She looked at him with tears in her eyes. He kissed her again and they sat down on the other camp bed.

"All the injured people, all the dead people, it is a nightmare." Gilbert said and held her hand.

"And now I see you here, it is as if the sun is shining."

"This war is so horrible, Gil. It brings so much grief to everyone."

Gilbert looked toward Dominic.

"Did you know his mother well?" Gilbert asked confused.

"No, I meet her two days ago. But I know his father, Jack Garrison," Anne replied.

"Jack Garrison?" Gilbert asked.

Anne nodded. "I met the two on the train. He is a news correspondent. He left Colette and Dominic in my care, yesterday. Ah! He is simply going away and told me that I should bring the two to a ship to England. He gave me an address in London. I wish I could beat him for that." Anne said furious.

"I belief that." Gilbert said and smiled.

"Oh, Gil. What should we do with Dominic, now? I don't know where Jack is." She looked despairingly at him.

"You going to England, it is safe there at the moment. Stay there. But promise me, should it become dangerous, you are going back to Canada," he looked at her earnestly.

"I won't leave you, Gil," she said and clung to him.

"I won't let something happen you, Anne. Besides, you must bring Dominic to London."

Anne nodded. She knew that Gilbert was right. Together, they laid down on the small camp bed. They had longed for each other and they needed each other so much. The embraced and fell asleep in the narrow bed.

Anne woke to Dominic's crying. It was dawn and Anne went sleeply to Dominic. Gilbert wasn't in the tent. Next, Anne thought it all was only a dream. But no, for a short moment, they were together. They loved each other, she though with a kind of despair. Short moments of luck. She took the crying Dominic in her arms. A nurse was came in the tent and smiled.

"I brought you and the child something to eat, Mrs. Blythe. Our field kitchen isn't tasty, but it is better than nothing."

Anne was grateful and took the bowl of porridge. She fed Dominic and then ate a little bit herself. Then came Gilbert in the tent.

"Good morning, Carrots." He kissed her and smiled at Dominic.

"Anne, listen to me, the camp in going to break up. I must going to the next Evacuation Hospital. We're sending some of the injured people to the harbour to be shipped to England. Dominic and you can go with them."

Anne nodded and tears ran down her cheeks.

"Please take care of yourself, Gil. I love you."

"I love you, too Anne."

He kissed her as much intensity as he could. He wanted to remember every detail of this moment. Then he left and didn't turn around.

Anne fought her tears, as she sat in the old ambulance car holding the sleeping Dominic.


At the harbour, Anne waited impatiently to get on the ship. Anne looked toward the injured people. She saw a young man with dark hair. He was holding his head down. Somehow, Anne thought she knew him. Cautious, she went to him. As he looked up, Anne recognized him.

"Fred!" Anne called and grabbed his arm.

He looked at her with hazy eyes.

"Fred! It's me, Anne," she said again.

"Anne?" He asked in an insecure voice.

Then he smiled a little bit, as he recognized her.

"Oh, my god, Fred. We thought you were dead."

Anne hugged him and kissed his cheek. Then she saw it. Fred's right arm wasn't there. There was only an empty sleeve.

Anne gulped. Fred had lost his arm. But she not betray her surprise and smiled to him.

"Fred there are so much things that I must tell you."

The crowd push them to the ship now. They planned to stay together and got a place on a bench. While the crossing, Anne told him all from Gilbert, Dominic, and Jack. Fred listens attentively. He wouldn't speak about himself. The war and his wound were so depressing. Anne took Fred to the address, which Jack had gave her. It was a hotel. Jack had rented an apartment in it. The rental was prepaid for six months. That evening, Anne sat exhausted by the window and looked down at the street. Fred was asleep in the other room. And Dominic was sleeping, too.

"Oh, Gil," Anne whispered to the stars. "I wish you were here."

The weeks went by and they didn't hear anything from Jack.


One day Anne woke and suddenly she felt terribly ill.

She ran to the bath. Soon the sickness was over and Anne didn't think about it again. But on the next morning the same thing again.

"What is wrong with me?" Anne asked her mirror image.

Anne went to see a doctor. Dominic and Fred needed her. She couldn't get ill.

The doctor told her his diagnosis. Anne was pregnant. She didn't know, whether she should laugh or cry? She was happy, but what should she do now? She couldn't stay in England. She had to go back to PEI. But what if Gilbert came to London?

"No," Anne thought and shook her head.

"He wouldn't want me to stay here now."

But what was going to happen to Dominic? She didn't know where Jack was. Confused, she walked back to the hotel.

"Oh, Mrs. Blythe" the landlady called. "Have you heard the news?"

"What?" Anne asked.

"Jack Garrison is dead. I just heard."

Anne went pale and sat down on the stairs.

"Jack is dead!" Anne said in a low voice to herself.

That the evening, Fred laid his left arm consolingly around her shoulder. She told him about Jack's dead, her pregnancy and her fear about Gilbert.

"What shall I do now?" she asked him sobbing.

"Listen, Anne!" Fred said with a resolute sound in his voice.

"A ship will return to Canada leaving the harbour next week. And we three are going to be on it. We're going home, Anne. And we're taking Dominic with us. He is an orphan now and we must care for him."

"But what about Gil? What if he comes to London?" asked Anne.

"Leave a notice for him at the hotel. Do you really think Gilbert would want you to stay here, now?" Fred asked her.


Finally, the war was over. Gilbert was on the way to London. He hoped that Anne was there. When he arrived, he saw that the hotel had burnt down. Speechless, he stood in front of the ruins. He stopped a passer-by. "Excuse me. Is this really Park Avenue 9?"

The passer-by nodded.

"What happened?" Gil asked confused.

"It burnt two weeks ago."

"Where are the people who lived here?"

"I don't know," the passer-by said and went on his way.

Gilbert was shocked. Where was Anne? Was she being alive? Suddenly, an old woman came up to him. She had been watching him. Because of his uniform, she knew that he was a Canadian.

"Sir?" she spoke. "One question, please. Are you Dr. Blythe?"

Gilbert looked astonished and nodded.

"Ah, that's nice. I'm Mrs. Smith and I was the landlady of this hotel." She point to the ruin.

"Is your wife, Anne Blythe?" she asked.

"Yes," Gilbert called pleased. "Where is she?"

Mrs. Smith laughed.

"She went home months ago. She left a notice for you here."

Mrs. Smith started to search in her bag.

"Here is it," she gave him a letter. "Remember to tell her about me." Then she walked away.

Gilbert was relieved. Anne was safe at home. He sat down on a bench and opened the letter.

Beloved Gilbert,

I hope you get this letter soon. Then you come back to me. I couldn't stay in London. Jack Garrison is dead. Therefore, I took Dominic with me. During my journey to England, I found Fred. He has lost his right arm, but he is all right. He is returning with me to Canada.

Now, I will tell you why I couldn't stay here.

We are having a baby, Gil. Yes, that's right. I am pregnant. It is the result of our short meeting in France. I hope you are happy about this news. I am happy, but I miss you so much, Gil. When will you come you back to me? To Dominic, our child and me.

I love you Gil.

Yours Anne.

Gilbert was so happy. They were going parents. He thought about when he had Anne met. It was six months ago. He must get home quickly.


Anne was sitting on the porch of Green Gables. It was a beautiful day in August. Dominic was playing with Sarah in the old orchard. Sarah Picard was a young girl that Anne had hired her to help her with Dominic and the housework. Now that she was seven-months pregnant, she need help with the work. She sighed and looked around. Then she saw someone coming up the lane to Green Gables. Who was it? She saw a tall, young man with dark hair and a big bag. Anne stood up and strained to look at him. Then her heart beat wildly as she recognized Gilbert. She walked as fast as she could down the stairs. Gilbert set his bag down and ran to her.

"Gil!" With tears in her eyes, she hugged him.

"Anne, my darling."

He kissed her and they both cried.

"Let me see you," he said and looked at her. "You are very big, Carrots," he teased her. Anne kissed him again.


Anne tucked Dominic in his bed, and she went into her bedroom. Gilbert was sitting on the bed.

"You are very beautiful, Anne," he said.

She stood in front of him and he laid his hands on her belly.

"I can't believe that I'm going to be a father."

Anne smiled. "Wait a moment, Gil. Here" she took his hand an laid it on her belly.

Gilbert felt a kick from the baby.

"Do you believe it now?" Anne asked him.

In this night, they held and kissed each other.

They would start a new life. A life with luck and love. With a new family.



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