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Anne of Green Gables
Fan Fiction

All Characters are the property of LM Montgomery and her heirs and Sullivan Entertainment.  These are for entertainment purpose only. Others may have their own opinions as to how these fan fiction stories should take place.  If you have a better idea we would like to read about them.


A Wrong Decision

By Steffi
See also: www.anne-fans.de

A wrong decision Lost in her thoughts, Anne stood on the bridge. A light breeze tousled her red hair. It was evening, in late August, and it was beginning to get cold.

Anne pulled her jacket tightly around herself. She was shivering, but the reason wasn't the cold wind. Rather, it was what had happened on that last day; the day before she had abruptly gone to Avonlea. She looked round, and she knew every tree and every bush. Certainly, the trees were had grown a lot, giving more shadows to the shore of the `Lake of shining water`. But, even now, she knew every name, that little Diana and Anne had given each tree, such a long time ago. But, not even her beloved Avonlea could comfort her. Anne had grown up in the last few years. She was the mother of two cute children. For 6 years, she had been married to Roy Gardner. In those days, Anne had believed that she loved him. Today, she knew better. No, it wasn't the kind of love that Anne had always dreamed of. How naive she had been. How could she have thought that her enthusiasm for Roy could have been love?

It was incontestable, Roy looked handsome, but that was pretty much his only good quality.

Before the wedding, he had been charming and had courted her. But, slowly Anne began to perceive, that she had never known the true Roy. After the wedding she became acquainted with the real Roy. It was a cruel awakening. Only Diana knew her sorrow. This afternoon she told her some things, making Diana Wright the only person who knew why Anne was in Avonlea. No one else could know. Marilla would be too upset, which was not good for her heart. Anne's left arm began to hurt her again; it was a terrible pain. She was glad that no one had noticed it, not even Diana. However if she held it still, she almost couldn't feel it. "I should go back" Anne thought "the children need to go to bed. Nan needs a goodnight kiss from her mother". Nan was Anne's three year old daughter. Her son, Walter, was just 5. "Anne?" suddenly she hears a familiar voice behind her. She turned and looked into Gilberts beaming face.

"Gil!" Anne smiled and hugged her old chum, sending pain shooting up her left arm.

"How long have you been in Avonlea?" Gilbert asked.

"Just since this morning." Anne smiled. Gilbert inspected her, she was still as slender as previously. Her hair was the same full red. But, nevertheless, something was different. She seemed so earnest and thoughtful. The sparkle, in her beautiful grey-green eyes, had been extinguished. In place of it, he saw dark rings circling her eyes, and it seemed that they stood for many, crying tears. "Anne is everything, all right?" He asked, worried.

"Of course," Anne looked down.

And Gilbert knew that she had lied. He had known Anne for such a long time that she couldn't deceive him.

"I saw Diana yesterday, she didn't tell me you were coming."

"It was a surprise," Anne answered.

"I assume you and Roy will stay for a few days at Green Gables." Quickly, Anne looked down.

"I'm here with my children. Roy." She hesitated. "Roy hadn't time. He is too busy." Gilbert was confused by her hesitancy, and it was strange that she wouldn't look into his face.

"Anne," he started timidly and touched her left arm.

Anne jerked and clenched her teeth trying not to scream.

"Anne, what is the matter?" Gilbert asked scared.

"Nothing. I." Anne tried to hide her arm.

But Gilbert pushed her sleeve up. He saw a swollen forearm.

"For heaven's sake! What happened, Anne?"

"Ouch!" Anne cried as he held her arm. "Nothing! I only fell down. It is only a sprain."

"I think your arm is broken. When did this happen?"

"Yesterday," Anne murmured.

"But, why didn't you go to a doctor?"

Anne kept silent for several seconds.

"The children were looking forward to coming to Avonlea. I didn't want to disappoint them." She answered hastily.

"We need to put it into splints. Come with me to my practice."

"I can't. I need to go back to Green Gables. The children."

"Anne, your arm must be cared for. We'll phone Green Gables."

Unwillingly, Anne gave in. As they arrived at Gil's practice he let Anne sit down on a chair, while he grabbed the telephone. Even, in Avonlea, time didn't stop and apparently progress had gone round the small Island. Almost, everybody had a telephone extension, now.

"Please, Gil let me speak to Marilla." Anne requested.

"Hello Marilla, it's me, Anne. Can you put the children to bed? I had a little accident. I fell down and injured my arm. Don't worry it isn't nasty. I'm at Gilbert's practice. Is it too much for you to put the kids to bed? Sure, give me Nan, if she wants. Nan, be a brave girl and go to bed. Mommy will look after you, later. Good night Walter, look after your sister, okay? Thanks, Marilla. I'll be back, soon."

Anne finished the telephone conversation. Gilbert raised his eyebrow.

"Why did you lie to Marilla?"

"She doesn't know something about my accident. No one knows."

Gilbert found this all very strange. Slowly he started to put her arm in splints.

"It is better, if you take your jacket off. Otherwise, you won't be able to remove it over the gypsum, later."

He helped her take off the jacket. As he was doing this he saw some bruises on her right arm.

Anne noticed his look and explained hastily.

"I'm very often a little bit clumsy. I'm always knocking against something."

"Anne, what is the matter?" He asked earnestly.

"Nothing! Everything is all right. It is normal that I'm a little bit clumsy. Can we go back, now? Marilla has had to look after the children long enough. I don't want to overtax her." Hurriedly, she stood up and took her jacket. Gently, Gilbert grabbed her arm. "Look at me, Anne."

Carefully she looked up and tears glittered in her eyes.

"You can tell me, if something is wrong. You know, we are friends, we are kindred spirits, don't you?" Gilbert said quietly.

"It is really nothing, Gil! Don't worry!" She smiled courageously and went to the door. On their way to Green Gables, Anne asked Gilbert about his life. For, two years he had had his practice in Avonlea. From Diana she knew that Christine and Gilbert had broken off their engagement, two years ago. It seemed that no one knew the reason. And she didn't venture to ask him.

They said good-bye and Anne promised that she would come to his practice the next day, again. Gilbert sighed, as she walked towards the house. He had a strange feeling that something was wrong with her life. Maybe, he was only imagining everything. But, one thing was certain, even now, he loved Anne. For years he had tried to forget her. For a while it even seemed that he was able to do it. But, now he realized his feelings for Anne would never change. There would never be anyone for him besides Anne. He clicked his tongue and put the horse into trot. Anne stood at the window and followed him with her eyes. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Toady, she had realized what she feel for Gilbert. She knew she had always loved him, but she was too na´ve to have noticed it, earlier. How could she have thought that she loved Roy? But, now, it was too late. She was married to Roy and Gilbert had certainly forgotten her. "Anne, are you all right?" Marilla interrupted her thoughts.

"Yes. But, my arm is broken."

"How did you do this?"

Marilla stroked Anne's hair. Anne wished she could lean on Marilla's shoulder and cry. She would tell her all her problems. But, for the first time, she noticed, how old Marilla was getting in the last few years. No, Anne couldn't overload Marilla with her problems.

"You know, Marilla, sometimes I can do impossible things." Anne answered. "Now, I'm going to look in on the children and then I'm going to bed, too." She kissed Marilla's cheek. Walter and Nan were sleeping deeply. And Anne fell asleep crying.


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