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Lifestops List

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Lifestops ( lif stops ) Definition:  notes image
My favorite song is on the radio and nobody better say anything, do anything--except perhaps to sing along.

These are songs that I have collected over the years.  From time to time I remember a song that was critical to breathing. More songs will be added.  In addition, many good songs continue to be written. 

My taste in music is very eclectic.  It spans three decades consisting of such genres as country,  pop, classic rock, contemporary rock and Christian.  It runs the gamut from Alabama, Amy Grant and Backstreet Boys to Roxette and Bon Jovi.

As with any music the words by themselves do not make the song.  Often it is the music itself that draws me into a particular song.  Bruce Hornsby, for instance, has an incredible piano sound.   Bryan Adams improved upon a very good song, Heaven, by redoing it unplugged.  Celine Dion and Peter Cetera have voices that are very distinct and could make just about any song at hit.  And some songs just have a very good message in them and it does not matter who sings it.  True Colors, which was originally done by Cyndi Lauper, sounds just as good done by Phil Collins.  At the same time there are those songs that are Lifestops for no apparent reason other than they are just good songs.