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Poetry n Prose


Quotes from the chalkboard
(as they were jotted down)

Page 3

If I know who originated the quote I will specify.

  • A neat desk is a sign of a sick mind.  -- Mark Twain
  • The smart cookies sell more that the wise crackers.
  • What you don't know may not hurt you, but it will certainly amuse a lot of us.
  • Adolescence is when you think you'll live forever.  Middle age is when you wonder how you've lasted so long.
  • Civilization can be measured by the degree of helplessness when the electricity goes off.
  • No entran moscas en boca cerrada.
  • A bore is a person who keeps you from being lonely, when you wish you were.
  • Green light:  Signal for the motorist behind you to blow his horn.
  • A smile is a curve that sets things straight.
  • An aim in life is the only fortune worth finding.
  • Doctor to sick patient: "Don't worry--I'll have you up and complaining about my fee before you know it."
  • Trifles make perfection, but perfection is no trifle.
  • Too much sun makes a desert.
  • There are two kinds of men who never amount to much --those who cannot do what they are told and those who can do nothing else.
  • Conceit: A condition found in people who take too much vitamin "I".
  • To live is the rarest thing in the world.  Most people just exist. ---Oscar Wilde
  • To err is human, but to blame it on someone else is more human.
  • One is a beautiful number if you're that special one.
  • It has taken me all my life to understand that it is not necessary to understand everything.
  • Macho does not prove mucho.
  • give a kid a million dollars and he might lose it.  Give him an education and he'll always have it.
  • Why is it that when you call a wrong number the line is never busy?
  • Ego trip--Stumbling over own feet.
  • Cats aren't the only ones that can lick themselves with their own tongue.
  • At least a yawn is an honest opinion.
  • If you think nobody cares if you're alive, try missing a few car payments.
  • Stretching the truth won't make it any stronger.
  • Honeymoon salad--Lettuce alone.
  • The old believe everything, the middle aged suspect everything, the young know everything.
  • Opportunity is knocking at your door, but your mother won't let him in.
  • If you are thinking of cheating on a test--think of yourself on the operating table under the knife of a surgeon who cheated in medical school.
  • Children go through such fascinating stages.  First they call you  Da Da, then they call you Daddy, then they call you collect.

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