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Poetry n Prose


Scatter Sunshine
(Lois Rasmussen)

Oh, scatter sunshine as you go
In all you say and do;
The love and kindness which you show
Will come right back to you!
There is an unseen register
Where all your deeds are filled;
The times you stopped to lend a hand,
The times you paused and smiled.
The times you spoke a fitting word
Of joy and comfort, too;
The times you went the second mile
Some gracious deed to do.

The- times you quietly withstood
An enemy's sharp blew,
The times you opened wide your heart
And let the merry flow;
The ways in which you remembered
Some token small to share;
The times you took a moment out
To breathe a silent prayer;
Like homing pigeons they'll return
To bring you gladness, too...

These rays of sunshine, warm and bright
Will come right back to you!