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Poetry n Prose


Is Love a Game

I looked at you with tears in my eyes.
I shouldíve known it, itís no surprise.
Knew it was coming sooner or later,
Unfortunately, my love grew greater.
With so much love I had to share,
To turn and find you didnít care.

Foolishly, I picked a fight,
Fully knowing youíre in the light.
Youíve turned me down again.
Somehow I couldnít just be a friend.
Do you really have a heart?
What was it that kept us so far apart?

Iíve fought back many, many tears,
Not to speak of all my fears.
My life has been so shaken,
But my heart has long been taken,
The way I acted was a shame,
I guess itís me you fully blame.

Here are my last few words to you,
I say them only because theyíre true,
My life will never be the same.
Tell me now, is love a game?
Thereís one thing I have to say,
Before we go our separate ways,
The dreams I dreamed will remain,
And in my heart will always be your name.